Call to challenge exhaust noise fines sign

Police admit errors in exhaust noise sign

An information sign about motorcycle noise testing that has been posted at two Queensland police stations is incorrect. Queensland police have admitted there are errors in the sign, but say specialist officers have been fully trained in roadside noise testing and have been doing the tests since 2002. This follows recent blitzes in South East …

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Call to challenge exhaust noise fines

Lack of motorbike noise testing facilities

In the wake of recent fines for motorcycle exhaust noise and the controversy of roadside testing procedures, another issue that unfairly affects riders in some states is the lack of testing stations. Longtime motorcycle advocate Wayne Carruthers asks how riders can access test stations, particularly in country areas of NSW, Queensland and Victoria. “The issue …

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Aftermarket exhaust cars offenders

Repeat exhaust offenders could lose bike

What happens to repeat offenders who get a defect notice for an aftermarket motorcycle exhaust, bolt on the original to pass inspection then replace it with the aftermarket exhaust? That’s the question that was posed to us after we published an information article in response to persistent social media rumours of an imminent blitz on …

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Motorcycle Horn

Are you using your horn enough?

Your motorcycle horn is there for a reason, but are you using it enough, too much, is it loud enough or too loud? How often do you use your motorcycle horn? Do you even remember the last time you used it? Standard motorcycle horns are usually puny and tinny sounding, nothing like what you would …

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tyre pressures Emergency braking - tyre noise motorcycle safety

Tyre noise more nuisance than exhaust

Loud motorcycle exhausts are not causing as much noise pollution as tyre noise from large volumes of traffic. That’s according to a World Health Organisation report that found traffic-related noise pollution accounts for over one million “healthy years” lost annually to ill health, disability or early death in Europe. The report says one of the biggest …

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Loud pipes trial chop

Challenging loud pipes theory

Do loud pipes really save lives? I’m sure someone will give me an example of how they reckon a loud motorcycle exhaust saved their lives, but I just don’t understand how. Let’s look at this very clinically. Supporters of this contention say that loud pipes alert motorists that there is a bike somewhere about. In …

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