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Saudi Arabia allows women to ride

Women in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to ride motorcycles and drives trucks from June 2018. A Royal decree issued in September lifted the ban on women driving cars and it has now been clarified that the decree extends to motorcycles and trucks. There will be no discrimination between men and women on traffic laws …

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Anita Yosuf First Muslim woman to ride around world

First Muslim woman to ride around world

The first Muslim woman to ride around the world, Anita Yusof, says she wanted to prove to Islamophobes that Muslim women are not oppressed or discriminated against. The 49-year-old Malaysian university lecturer and mother of two rode a Yamaha FZ150 through 40 countries in America, Europe and Asia over 370 days. “I was given free lodging …

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Motorcycles in asia pollution

Ban on motorbikes and women riders

If you think the authorities want to ban motorbikes or make life difficult for riders here, spare a thought for Vietnamese riders and women riders in some Muslim countries. Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, has approved a plan to ban motorbikes from its streets by 2030 to reduce traffic jams and pollution. It is a ridiculous move …

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Female rider Zenith Irfan defies pakistan taboos

Pakistani woman rider defies taboos

It’s hard enough for women to defy community perceptions and taboos to ride a motorcycle, let alone a woman in a traditional Muslim country such as Pakistan. But brave young Zenith Irfan did just that with her six-day journey from Lahore through the Kashmir belt on the Pakistani side in June on several different motorcycles …

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