Mugen isle of Man TT Zero tt electric motorcycle record fast

How fast are electric motorcycles?

This week an electric motorcycle tore around the 60.72km (37.73 mile) Isle of Man TT circuit in 18:34.956mins for an average speed of 196.056km/h (121.824mph) which is pretty fast. However, Team Mugen’s (pictured above) Zero TT electric class record is still a long way from the fastest motorcycles on the circuit. The current outright record …

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Vintage-style electric motorcycle for Isle of Man TT

  Don’t be mistaken by the vintage looks and name, this Saroléa SP7 racing bike is powered by the future. It’s an electric motorcycle with an all carbon-fibre frame, swing arm, subframe and even cable guides. It bears the name of the first Belgian motorcycle manufacturer and one of the first bike makers in the …

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