Riders on Mt Glorious pass over white lines synday ride

Male rider dies in Sunday crash on Mt Glorious

A motorcyclist out for a Sunday ride on his favourite local mountain road has died in a crash. The 34-year-old male rider from Middle Park was enjoying a Sunday ride on Mt Glorious (pictured above) Brisbane’s favourite motorcycling road, at 8.27am today when he “lost control and struck a tree”, police say. The incident happened …

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New Mt Glorious roadworks fail in first rain

New mountain roadworks fail in first rain

Famed motorcycle nirvana Mt Nebo Rd has been upgraded at massive cost to the taxpayer to make it safer only to fail and collapse in the first heavy downpour. What’s worse is that the speed will be permanently reduced to 40km/h even after the road has been improved! Roadworks on Mt Nebo Rd between the …

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Mt Glorious pass overtake over solid white lines online survey reservations

Reservations about reduced speeds and barriers

Riders have expressed reservations about the possibility of speed reductions and unsafe barriers in impending roadworks on Brisbane’s most famous motorcycling road. Transport and Main Roads has contacted members of the Motorcycle Advocacy Group (Qld) to advise they are starting design work on $11.3 million worth of roadworks projects in the Mount Glorious region. They say the …

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New roadworks on Mt Glorious melting tar reservations bitumen

Shoddy new roadworks melt in heat

Just because a road has been recently upgraded does not mean riders should trust new roadworks. Consider the sobering example of shoddy roadworks that caused the death of a rider on a bridge near Goulburn. Another case is the recent roadworks on the western approach to Mt Glorious, South East Queensland. Less than a month …

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Mt Glorious road works

Mountain speed and road works update

Speed limits will return to normal when the road works on the western side of Mt Glorious behind Brisbane are completed late in August 2017. Despite speed limits being reduced by 10km/h in most areas of the mountain and concerns that speeds would be further reduced after completion of the work, the Transport and Main …

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Riders on Mt Glorious road works designer straight

Petition for higher mountain speed limits

A petition to review the speed limits on the famed motorcycle road over Mt Glorious behind Brisbane has met a wall of resistance at Parliament House. The petition was started by a group of motorcyclists last September over coffee at the Mount Glorious Cafe (formerly Maialla cafe) and has since amassed more than 600 signatures, …

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Mt Nebo roadworks start Monday

Major roadworks planned for the Brisbane biker playground of Mt Nebo begin tomorrow (November 4) after a delay of several months. Apart from some patch-up jobs and some retaining walls to prevent the road subsiding down the hill, the major work will be carving through the side of a hill east of the Dr Red …

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Major roadworks for Mt Glorious

Mt Glorious motorcycle fans will have to find another road for a while. The biker playground road just out the back of Brisbane is set for some major roadworks shortly which will disrupt traffic until about November. Moreton Bay Regional Council is planning major roadworks on Mt Nebo Rd from the Dr Red winery to …

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