MRA X-Creen windscreen visor

What is the ideal motorcycle windscreen?

The ideal windscreen is no screen at all, but if you must have a screen, an adaptable set-up is the best. I have tried myriad factory and aftermarket windscreens, plus windscreen extensions and visors and have come to the conclusion that the ideal windscreen cannot be found. Obviously, the best windscreen is a subjective thing …

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Blanket Run for charity

Motorcycle Blanket Run for charity

Motorcycle riders don’t need much of an excuse to go for a ride to raise money for some needy charity organisation – and the annual Canberra Blanket Run is no exception. Australian Motorcycle Council chairman Shaun Lennard conservatively estimates that riders raise more than $1 million a year. that’s very conservative indeed, since the Black …

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Lane filtering may reduce rear-enders

This video of a rear-ender in the ACT has been released by the local Motorcycle Riders Association as a warning to riders and drivers about rear-enders. The MRA ACT issued a warning to motorists to leave a three-second gap in the wake of this and another motorcycle rear-ender (or nose-to-tail crash) over two consecutive days. …

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