Free Indian motorcycle adventure movie Nevermind Adventure Rajasthan 2017 horn

Why Bikers are Just the Best People

(Contributed article for our northern hemisphere readers) They travel in a pack. They are loud. They are sometimes scary looking. They are bikers. Many people stare in awe when they see a group of booming bikers clad in black zooming down the street. But if you get a chance to get closer to these somewhat …

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Lone resident Joolie Green threatens motorcyclist ban Mt Tamborine

Lone resident threatens motorcyclist ban

A lone resident of sleepy Beechmont on the Gold Coast hinterland has warned riders that residents are “forming protest groups” to ban them from public roads in the popular tourist region. Local artist Joolie Green has emailed the Motorcycle Riders’ Association of Queensland asking them to alert riders about the ban threat. While the MRAQ passed …

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MCC NSW chairman Christopher CJ Burns CTP

CTP insurance fight returns for riders

Riders who successfully fought against unfair Compulsory Third Party insurance hikes in 2013 that could have led to more than $2000 for Greenslips now face another CTP battle. The NSW Government has proposed changing the very structure of CTP which not only affects riders, but every motorist.  The NSW Government’s proposed changes: Give the insurance company …

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Motorcyclists are their own worst enemy

The very nature of motorcycling as an individual pursuit where motorcyclists relish freedom and individuality works against riders’ wider political benefit. It makes it difficult for riders to provide a united front to push our cause and fight against government discrimination, bureaucratic oversights, police harassment and motorist enmity. Two recent events gave a strong indication of …

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