lLegal defences to a speeding fine dangerous

High speed leads to dangerous charges

Riders who are fined for high-range speeding over 45km/h are often also charged with driving in a “manner dangerous”, says NSW traffic and criminal law specialist Chris Kalpage. Our contributing lawyer says the extra charge is often based on the speed which may not be “objectively dangerous”. Chris has previously addressed the issues of dangerous driving, …

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Volodymyr Zhukovskyy New Hampshire pick-up crash motorcycles rejected

Bail rejected in motorcycle massacre case

A US Superior Court judge has rejected a bail hearing for young truck driver Volodymyr Zhukovskyy who mowed down 10 motorcycles, killing seven people in a New Hampshire highway crash in June 2019. His defence had claimed that the lead rider of the Marine Jarheads Motorcycle Club was over the centre line and had a blood alcohol concentration …

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Blood Bikes Australia Peter Davis

Bloodbikes Australia to pandemic rescue

Bloodbikes Australia is hoping to expand its duties from rushing blood to hospitals to include vital medical equipment needed for the coronavirus pandemic fight. Founder Peter Davis says he is discussing the issue with the Mater Hospital group in Brisbane to deliver medical equipment, personal protection equipment, gloves, masks, medicine, ventilators and other urgent necessities …

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Forks Goldwing patent

Honda Goldwing forks extended

Honda has filed a patent that indicates it may be planning to extend its Goldwing double-wishbone forks to other bikes in its range. Two patent drawings show the suspension being used on a neo retro CB1100 and a C125 Super Cub scooter. So anything in between could be suitable for the suspension. To us, it …

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NSW motorcycle police pursuits

Pointless double demerit points for Easter

With riders grounded in most states by the travel restrictions it almost seems pointless that some states have double demerits applying over the Easter long weekend. The “pointless points” start this morning and will end at midnight on Monday 13 April 2020 in NSW, the ACT and Western Australia. In NSW, they’re calling it Operation Tortoise and point …

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Last Vincent Rapide headlines auction

This Vincent Rapide, believe to be one of the first Series-A Rapide’s manufactured and possibly the last Vincent-HRD motorcycle to leave the factory in 1959, will headline the Bonhams Summer Stafford Sale in August. The rare machine is expected to fetch £190,000 – £220,000 ($A380,000 – $A440,000) at the August 15-16 auction, alongside the 40th International Classic …

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Virus pandemic Mt Glorious cafe coronavirus covid-19

UPDATE: Is it still legal to ride?

(Our pandemic article is updated for April 9. Please read the complete article and use commonsense in your own judgement about riding) Australia is fast heading toward a police state with a crackdown on previously innocent activities such as sitting on a park bench and even leisure motorcycling. There are reports of police sending motorcyclists …

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extend warranty

Extend rego, warranty during lockdown

If riders are not allowed from take their motorcycle out for a ride during the current pandemic lockdown, then governments and manufacturers should extend registration, warranties and servicing periods. Authorities won’t call it a lockdown, but effectively is! Some people can still ride to work, to get grocers, visit the doctor or for a few …

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rona riders Travel bans Will pandemic travel bans ever end? incriminate

How rona riders may self-incriminate

With riders facing hefty fines for breaking the coronavirus Home Confinement Direction, some have suggested rona riders should reserve their rights to silence when pulled over by police. While exercising your right to silence is usually a good idea, it might not be of much assistance here, says Brisbane lawyer Andrew Evans. Under the law, police …

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happy meme depression

Pandemic travel bans prompt depression

Travel restrictions that include a virtual ban on motorcycle riding could lead to a rapid increase in anxiety and depression that outlasts the pandemic, according to data and analytics company GlobalData. The company says the enforced social isolation rules, along with the death threat from Covid-19 and financial disruption are a catalyst for the increased prevalence …

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