High-speed police chase

Rider dies in high-speed police chase

An American rider has died after South Carolina police repeatedly rammed his motorcycle during a high-speed chase. Robert Lee Clark, 30, died at the scene after he was nudged into a car. Warning: The following 5:34 minute police dashcam video of the entire pursuit can be very distressing. The incident again shines a light on …

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Avon Valley the first motorcycle friendly region

First motorcycle friendly region launched

The first motorcycle friendly region, consisting of seven council areas, has been launched in Western Australia with a comprehensive list of features. On Sunday, April 23, 2017, the Avon Valley Motorcycle Friendly Region, northeast of Perth, joined the Motorcycle Friendly towns and shires of Glamorgan Spring Bay, Tasmania (July 2007); Texas, Queensland (July 2013); Wauchope, New South Wales …

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If you are customising or restoring a motorcycle and can’t find a part or need special custom parts machined, this online marketplace may be just what you need. custom parts

How to get custom parts made cheaply

If you are customising or restoring a motorcycle and can’t find a part or need special custom parts machined, this online marketplace may be just what you need. The service – Machining4u – is a marketplace where riders and other restorers can post their requirements for one-off custom parts and get them made cheaper than before. Although …

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Pilgrimage to UK National Motorcycle Museum Norton ES2 motorcycle 1949Pilgrimage to UK National Motorcycle Museum Norton ES2 motorcycle 1949

Pilgrimage to UK National Motorcycle Museum

Anyone visiting the United Kingdom who has an interest in motorbikes should make a pilgrimage to Birmingham’s National Motorcycle Museum. It’s located just off the M42, near Birmingham Airport and pretty much opposite the NEC (the National Exhibition Centre). If you time it right you could also combine your visit and take in “Motorcycle Live”, …

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ScarabRV motorcycle camper trailer camping

Motorcycle weekend camping guide

Heading out on the open road for a motorbiking road trip and camping weekend? There is nothing better than this and these trips always generate plenty of great stories to share once you return home. One key aspect to consider before setting off is your camping situation, as this will determine just how enjoyable the …

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BMX and mountain bike racing couple Barry Nobles of the USA and Aussie Olympian Carline Buchanan share a passion for two wheels that extends to their Harleys. shares intimacy

Harley and BMW lead brand intimacy study

Harley-Davidson sales may be down in the USA, but Americans still feel very intimate about the famous Milwaukee brand, according to the 2017 Brand Intimacy Report. The biennial report has rated Harley as the top automotive brand for customer “intimacy” ahead of BMW, Toyota and Honda. The authoritative report is a study of brands based …

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lane filtering signs consensus

Consensus coming on road rules?

National road rules, including lane filtering, are being discussed now and are likely to be put out for public discussion in July with consensus expected by November. The disparity of road rules between states is exemplified in the recent introduction of lane filtering. It is now permitted in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and still …

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Triumph Bonneville fuel rules service station fuel economy

5 ways to improve motorcycle fuel economy

One of the many reasons people choose a motorcycle for their daily commute is its inherent fuel economy. A modern 250cc motorcycle will get you around 2.8L/100km (85mpg), and there’s not a car on the planet that can match that kind of economy. So, why not try to maximise the fuel economy of your bike to …

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Alex Harvill to attempt World record motorcycle jump

World record motorcycle jump attempt

American motocross pro Alex Harvill will attempt to break Australian rider Robbie Maddison’s Guinness World Record for the longest motorcycle jump. The 24-year-old has already broken two world records; one for jumping nearly 130m (425 feet) in a dirt-to-dirt leap and the other when he jumped 90m (297 feet) on a ramp-to-dirt stunt. Robbie’s current ramp-to-dirt …

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