Bike Battery start

How to maintain a bike battery properly

Numerous factors such as temperature, engine vibration and electrical loads can cause your bike battery to die. While these things contribute to eventual failure, RACQ Principal Technical Researcher John Ewing says a major factor in ensuring they achieve their maximum life and reliability is how they are maintained. He says it is important they are appropriately …

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Evel Knievel leathers

Evel Knievel leathers, walking stick for sale

Racing leathers and a diamond-encrusted walking stick claimed to have belonged to the godfather of stunt riders, Evel Knievel, have been auctioned online. The two items were sold over the weekend in a joint lot for $US78,000 (about $A101,000). The items, sold by Heritage Auctions of Dallas, are claimed to be original and were offered by …

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York Motorcycle Festival Avon Valley Motorcycle Frendly Region Western Australia

First Aussie Motorcycle Friendly Region

Australia’s first Motorcycle Friendly Region will be launched in Avon Valley, Western Australia, in April as the concept starts to gather pace around the country. The first Motorcycle Friendly Town was Bicheno in Tasmania, followed by Texas, SEQ, and last December Wauchope on the Oxley Highway joined the welcoming trend. Crows Nest in Queensland declares …

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Inquest pothole james Hughes Melissa Pearce councils

Councils not required to address potholes

An inquest into the death of a motorcyclist who hit a pothole on a new bridge has issued no findings of fault, nor made recommendations for councils to promptly fix road defects. James Hughes, 50, died when his Ducati 900S hit a massive pothole at the Oallen Ford Bridge near Goulburn in NSW on October …

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iASUS XSound 2.1 helmet speakers sound

Add-on speakers improve helmet sound

A quick and cheap way to improve the quality of your helmet’s Bluetooth sound system is to buy some aftermarket plug-in speakers like the XSound 2.1 from iASUS. The problem with many helmet Bluetooth intercom units – even top-quality models – is that they seem to skimp on the sound quality of their speakers. They …

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Saint Unbreakable Technical Black Denim Slim Fit Jeans

Single-layer Saint denim jeans review

Australian company Saint has been instrumental in helping develop a single-layer denim to protect motorcycle riders from abrasion injuries. Their “Unbreakable” range of riding jeans, jackets and gloves is made from a special blend of 34% cotton and 66% Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWP) that they claim now meets CE standards for six seconds of …

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Police - Traffic offences

10 police tips for avoiding traffic offences

There is no guaranteed method for avoiding traffic offences except not committing them. However, you can use the following “expert” guide to lessen the impact, cop a lesser fine, prevent copping extra fines (such as being pulled over for speeding and ending up with vehicle defect notices as well) or, occasionally, get out of traffic …

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Helmet safety motorcycle crash accident

Does helmet safety match cost?

Does helmet safety match how much money you spend on the helmet? It’s an often-asked question that we try to verify with statistics. The Bell helmets ad campaign of 50 years ago “If you’ve got a $10 head, wear a $10 helmet!” may have been true then, but is it now? We could not find …

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