Bridgestone Battlax Adventurecross AX41S scrambler tyres

Bridgestone Adventurecross AX41S for scramblers

The rapid rise in factory scrambler models and custom scramblers has led to a whole new category of tyre and Bridgestone has joined in with their new Battlax Adventurecross AX41S model. Based on their Battlax Adventurecross AX41 adventure tyre, the “S” in AX41S stands for “scrambler”. It sports a different block and tread from the AX41 …

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Battlax Adventurecross AX41

Bridgestone Battlax tyres get dirtier

Bridgestone’s new Battlax Adventurecross AX41 tyres have arrived in Australia to get adventure riders dirtier, taking them further off the beaten track. The problem with making an adventure tyre more aggressive is that it usually compromises on-road stability and shortens the life of the tyre. The biggest destroyers of adventure tyres are the braking and …

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Goodyear Electric motorcycles tyre

Tyres could charge electric motorcycles

Electric motorcycles and other vehicles may soon be charged by the heat built up in the tyres. Goodyear has developed a concept tyre for cars which transfers the heat into electricity to store in the battery of an electric vehicle. There is nothing stopping them from doing the same with motorcycle tyres. It’s called kinetic …

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Rhinotire puncture-proof tyre treatment

Puncture-proof tyres coming

An American tyre treatment that is guaranteed to make your bike tyres puncture-proof is coming to Australia. Rhinotires are made by applying a “RhinoPlex” polymer to the interior of a new or used tyre at extreme heat so it becomes part of the tyre. The gel instantly seals any punctures or cuts up to  0.6cm …

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Continental tyre chicken

Continental tyres recalled

Continental Tyres of Germany has issued a global recall on several models over “air loss and possible separation”. There have been no reports of any accidents or injuries as a result. The tyres have also been recalled in Australia. Continental Tyres is calling the recall a “voluntary tyre exchange program” where they replace your tyres with new ones. …

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Mitas motorcycle tyre recall - nitrogen

Urgent Mitas tyre safety recall

If you are riding on Mitas Sportforce tyres, stop now! An urgent safety recall notice has been issued by Mityre Australia says riders should “cease using the product immediately”. The defect notice says that certain Sportforce tyres can develop a bulge on the tread of the tyre under sustained high-speed riding. This bulge may cause …

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CycleAT tyre pressure monitor - nitrogen

Tyre pressure monitor is smart

Tyre pressure monitors are an example of technology working for your safety. Now there is an aftermarket unit that does more than just monitor your tyre pressure. CycleAT has produced a tyre pressure monitor that works via Bluetooth and pairs to your phone, giving you real-time information such as pressure, temperature and real speed, not …

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Michelin PIlot

Michelin Pilot 4 tyres

The fourth iteration of the popular Michelin Pilot motorcycle tyre has increased braking ability, longer life and a wider range of operating temperatures. Michelin marketing director for motorcycle tyres, Christophe Duc, says wet braking distance is 17% shorter than its closest rival. At the same time, he says the tyre has 20% longer life than …

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