Celebrate Ausralia Day bushfire appeal

Reasons riders can celebrate Australia Day

The best way to celebrate Australia Day this year is to get out and ride in regional areas that have been hit by the bushfire crisis and spend your tourist dollar. Click here for our tips avoiding bushfire areas and what to do if caught in a bushfire situation. And click here to find out …

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Linda Norman Road Trips in USA book

Aussie guide to road trips in the USA

Aussie rider Linda Norman has published a US road trips guide for other Australian riders after spending several years touring the country with her husband, Barry. Aussies Guide to Roadtripping America isn’t a recap of their trips but a valuable guide to help other Aussie riders plan their journey, Linda says. “Hopefully it will save …

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Andy Strapz Panniersky

Panniersky keeps your six-pack cold

The Panniersky cooler bag — an esky for your panniers — will keep your food and/or drinks cold until the end of the day’s ride, says Andy White of Andy Strapz. He’s been making adventure rider luggage and accessories since 1995, so he should know.  Andy says he developed the prototype on a few trips over …

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Karolis Mieliauskas has completed what is most likely the world’s longest test ride on the new KTM 790 Adventure

World’s longest KTM 790 Adventure test ride

Adventure rider Karolis Mieliauskas has completed what is most likely the world’s longest test ride on the new KTM 790 Adventure by riding 20,000km across Russia, the USA and UK. It’s not the Lithuanian adventurers first epic ride: In July 2016, he rode 11,000km from Vilnius to Vladivostok in 12 days; In March 2017 he travelled 785km …

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Writing While Riding Your Motorbike

(Sponsored article on writing and riding) Writers are always filled with a sort of wanderlust that always keeps them moving from places to places to calm their exasperating inside. They create lines while moving between dwellings and capture ideas of their head in a better way. If you intend to write down your ideas while …

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Royal Enfield Himalayan concept stores

Discount on first Tibet tours

Extreme Bike Tours is offering a 10% discount on its first tours of Tibet and Nepal, the Mt Everest base camp and the Forbidden City of Lhasa in 2020. Riders will be aboard Royal Enfield Himalayan adventure motorcycles  which were tested in the Himalayas. We toured Sri Lanka last year with Extreme Bike Tours and …

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Andy Tool from Andy Strapz

Handy Andy Tool for motorcyclists

If there is no room in your luggage or under your seat for a toolkit, you can still rely on this handy Andy Tool from Andy Strapz. This multi-tool is 18 tools in one small stainless-steel device that slips inside a handy pouch that you can attach to your belt, slip in your backpack or …

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Siberia bridge

Watch this epic 10,000km ride across Siberia

A photo of a dilapidated bridge in Siberia was the inspiration for an epic trip across Russia and Mongolia beautifully captured in this 30-minute “Broken Roads to Siberia” video. Broken Roads to Siberia  The 10,000km “Broken Roads to Siberia” journey started when Finnish rider Jyri Koski started planning an off-road route to the infamous Vitim …

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Could have done with heated grips on the KTM 390 Duke launch in Austria

10 cool motorcycling routes in Scandinavia

(Scandinavia travel article written by Emily Peyton, an avid reader with a passion for writing. She blogs on different topics with one aim – to help people in their lives and share trustful information.) Scandinavia has a lot of beautiful landscapes that just beg to be discovered. There are hundreds of ways to experience all …

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