Border Harley-Davidson Road King entry

How to apply for a Queensland entry pass

If you are planning a ride across the Queensland border you will now have to apply online for a new entry pass as the previous pass is no longer valid. That means Queensland riders wanting to ride to another state and return as well as visitors from other states. Note that the new Queensland Entry …

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Roving Land Rover Royal Enfield Himalayan

Roving weekend for Himalayans and Rovers

With the borders opening, Royal Enfield plans a Himalayan & Adventure Weekend of roving around the Byron Bay hinterland on their bikes and in Land Rovers. The border between Queensland and NSW opens on July 10, just in time for this roving adventure on July 18-19. However, Queensland riders will still have to obtain an entry …

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Compass Expeditions tours screened on TV

Covid crisis claims Compass Expeditions

The COVID-19 pandemic has sadly claimed the Australian-based Compass Expeditions worldwide motorcycle travel company. A Facebook statement from the company blames their closure on the “subsequent collapse of forward bookings coupled with complete lack of business confidence going forward”. Several other motorcycle travel companies have temporarily stalled or dramatically dropped their prices. I contacted Compass …

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Solar power Cake Kalk electric motorcycles

Motorcycle tours become electrified

Range and recharging times may still be an issue for electric motorcycles, yet it looks like the motorcycle travel industry may become electrified. A few years ago, Eidelweiss Motorcycle Tours in Europe started hiring electric Zero motorcycles, although it appears that is no longer the case. Perhaps they had too many customers running out of …

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Devon England UK, motorcycles, motorcycle travel

Where to Visit on Your Bike Trip in Devon

If you want to ride your bike in Devon, UK, then you are surely in for a great time as you will view the countryside that is undeniably dramatic and gorgeous. That is why you will enjoy a great ride from Okehampton to Brent Tor. This trip will equate to 32 miles or 51km.  This …

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Tunnel vision

Ride with historic tunnel vision

We don’t usually recommend riders have tunnel vision, unless it’s an unused historic tunnel of which there are many throughout the nation. If you’re a bit of a history buff, or you just enjoy something unusual on your bike trip, check them out. You may be surprised to find that there are some close to …

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Clinton Wood and Transalp Riding around the world with no plan

Riding around the world with no plan

Clinton Wood didn’t have a plan to ride around the world — but he did — and that’s how he likes to travel. The 45-year-old cabinet maker and now Postie from Ipswich in Queensland says he has ridden more than 100,000km in more than 30 countries and three continents almost by accident. He certainly didn’t …

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Free ferry fares to Tassie Tasmania

Free ferry fares to Tassie after pandemic?

Tasmania wants to encourage domestic tourism with free or discounted fares for all vehicles including motorcycles on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry when the state reopens its borders after the pandemic closure. Tourism Industry Council Tasmania CEO Luke Martin has called in the Federal Government to temporarily extend the Bass Strait Passenger Vehicle Equalisation Scheme …

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lockdown ends

First weekend of eased travel restrictions

This is the first weekend that all states and territories have eased travel restrictions and we expect a lot of bikes out on the roads throughout Australia and the UK. As we noted in our above meme a few weeks ago: “When the lockdown ends … You won’t see me for dust.” The travel restrictions …

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Five countries that love motorcycles

Five countries that love motorcycles

By Anthony Joseph* Motorcycles are iconic and versatile vehicles that are loved all over the world. To some, motorcycles equal recreation and fun, others utilise these vehicles for sport and competition. Some countries have even adopted motorcycles as their primary form of transportation in many cities and consider them essential to daily life. It’s fascinating to …

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