torched Triumph

Thieves torched vintage Triumph Thunderbird

Brazen British thieves have torched a vintage Triumph Thunderbird in an Instagram video because the owner wouldn’t pay a £1000 ($A1765) ransom. The video was posted on the closed-group Instagram account “biketakerrr”, sparking calls for the social media network to prevent criminal acts being posted and to help police find the thieves. We can’t show …

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Clever motorcycle throttle and brake lock

Clever grip locks secure your bike

Motorcycle theft is rampant in many capital cities, in particular London where four are stolen every day, and riders are always on the lookout for a clever lock that is quick and easy to use. There are many clever locks on the market that secure the wheel, handlebars and/or the whole bike to a solid …

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Motorcycle theft hot spots keyring thieves miserly CCTV black friday thefts stolen

Where are the motorcycle theft hot spots?

Motorcycle thefts have risen 1% in the past calendar year to 8271 in Australia with South East Queensland and Perth the hot spots for theft. That means riders in those areas are likely to be slugged the highest premiums for their bike insurance. While thefts only increased 1%, there was a big reduction in the Territories …

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Ex-thief advises on securing your bike

Ex-thief advises on securing your bike

A reformed bike thief from London, which has experienced a 44% increase in theft in the past two years, says a basic owner mistake is not chaining their bike to something solid. “When I was stealing bikes, the first step I would take would be to find one that wasn’t chained to anything sturdy, so …

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Bike lock makes thieves sick

Skunklock makes motorcycle thieves sick

It might make you sick to think someone would try to steal your motorcycle, but now there is Skunklock that actually makes the thief vomit by spraying them with a noxious chemical. The aptly titled product contains a pressurised concoction of chemicals that sprays in the face of the thief if they try to cut the lock. The …

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BSA B24 Silver Star Why you should secretly mark your bike

Why you should secretly mark your bike

Riders should secretly mark their motorcycle to help identify it should it be stolen and later recovered, according to retired head of the police stolen vehicle unit in London Dr Ken German*.  He has written the following interesting article to highlight his idea of marking your motorcycle: It’s now over 75 years ago that Mr D …

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gizmos Zeiss Exolens iPhone 6 lenses

Watch, lenses, bike tracker gizmos

Most motorcycle riders love their gizmos, so today we present three more that we think will interest you: a watch, lenses for your iPhone 6 camera and a GPS bike tracker to prevent theft.  TRACKER Unfortunately, bike theft is rampant, but you can help locate a stolen bike with a GPS tracker. MBW reader Gene Ramos …

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Motorcycle theft stolen motorcycles sick skunklock scams penalties tougher

Most motorcycles stolen from homes

Thieves are breaking into houses in the early hours of the morning to get motorcycle keys so they can steal your bike. The latest figures from the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council show that a greater portion of motorcycles are stolen from houses. Their data is currently limited to New South Wales and Western …

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SXP Chinese motorcycle locks disc lock

Chinese motorcycle locks are tough

China’s largest security motorcycle locks brand SXP (Security eXperienced Products) is now available in Australia. Despite much of our motorcycle gear and some components in our Euro/Am/Jap bikes now made in China, there is still consumer suspicion about the quality of Chinese-made products. So we put a couple to the test with some of the “tools of the trade” used …

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Kovix disc lock

What are most stolen motorcycles?

Scooters, dirt bikes and sportsbikes are the most stolen motorcycles in Australia, according to the latest figures form the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council. The most stolen brands are the four Japanese manufacturers as they are also the biggest sellers. Although Harley-Davidson is the next biggest-selling brand in Australia, the high incidence of dirt …

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