Sargent seat

Sargent seat improves Ducati comfort

Since your backside is on the seat most of the time, it is the most important ingredient in rider comfort, so I chose a Sargent Seat to improve the comfort on my Ducati Scrambler Icon. The standard seat is an ugly, flat and uncomfortable piece of plastic with a tacky white “Ducati” on the tail. …

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Corbin motorcycle seats

Corbin adds more motorcycle seats

American company Corbin has been easing saddle sores for years with their handcrafted seats for a multitude of bike brands and models. Standard motorcycle seats are usually appalling quality with soft foam that provides no support or comfort. They are usually cheap and very uncomfortable. You have to buy expensive models before you get a …

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sliding seat slides

Motorcycle seat slides with the rider

Imagine a seat that slides with the riders when they move sideways out of their seat for corners or forward and back for aerodynamic effect. Now Finnish engineering company Etteplan has received a patent for a seat that slides sideways and forward and back with the rider. The seat has been tested by disabled Finnish racer …

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Seats heights short

What are the lowest motorcycle seat heights?

One of the barriers to more people enjoying our favourite recreation is the traditionally high motorcycle seat which deters many women and shorter people. Now you can check the seat heights of your favourite motorcycles and compare them with the comprehensive list we have at the end of this article. Click here to check all …

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John Moorhouse Ergo Seats Ducati GT1000

Ergo Seats put comfort in your ride

Most standard motorcycle seats are too soft or too hard, shaped so you slide forward into the tank and don’t take into account rider ailments such as a bad back, says John Moorhouse of Ergo Seats. John knows motorcycle seats. He has been upholstering them since he started an apprenticeship in coach and motor body trimming at …

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Touratech Dri Ride breathable seat

Touratech offers breathable seats

Touratech claims their Dri Ride Breathable seats are more comfortable and will keep you dry when you get hot in the saddle this summer. Let’s face it, if your backside isn’t comfortable, then you aren’t comfortable and your riding suffers. Unfortunately, too many motorcycle manufacturers make stock seats with cheap foam, even on expensive models. …

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