Road safety training UN suggests separate motorcycle lanes Remove dangerous roadside hazards

Road markings to improve motorcycle safety

A visual trick with road markings that makes the road look narrower than it is could be an aid in increasing motorcycle safety. It’s called perceptual countermeasure and it was developed by Melbourne’s Monash University in 1999 and has been rolled out on some roads with lines to show braking zones. The lane markings are designed …

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Reevu motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle helmet hits Japanese hurdle

Innovative motorcycle helmet company Reevu has run into many bureaucratic hurdles in their bid to market their helmets with a safe rear vision system. But none has been greater and more blatantly biased than Japan. The Reevu RV MSX1 motorcycle helmet has been widely praised for its ability to improve the rider’s peripheral vision, one of …

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Motorcycle theft: Get a motorbike brake disc lock

How to prevent motorcycle theft

Your precious motorcycle was a little safer last year with motorcycle theft down 532 or -6% to 8208. It’s still way too high and more than double the rate of car thefts as a proportion of owners. Owners in Western Australia should be particularly concerned as thefts were up 237 or 9.6% to 2696, which was …

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How to file a motorcycle accident claim in the US - crash motorcycle safety

Drivers cause half of all bike crashes

Just as we expected, car drivers cause as many crashes involving motorcycles as riders. We’ve been fed the line that most bike crashes are caused by riders, but a 10-year study conducted by the University of South Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation Research to 2011 shows the cause is fairly even. Drivers caused 48% of …

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Ixon adds textile jackets

When Ixon was introduce to the Australian market in 2005, it arrived with an enormous range of textile jackets and pants that had a huge impact on our market. Suddenly there was a vast range of sizes, colours and styles we had not seen before. “Most importantly, there was quite a large dedicated women’s range …

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Scooter riders a menace?

Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you. The Victorian Scooter Riders Association claims drivers use the vulnerability of bike and scooter riders to intimidate and endanger them. VSRA spokesman Stephen Bardsley cites an AAMI survey which found that one third of all drivers believe scooter riders are the “new menace” …

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Victoria rejects bike levy ban

Motorcycle riders have been left feeling a little flat after a bike safety report that promised so much has failed to convince the legislators to deliver on some of its important points. The Victorian Government Road Safety Committee’s 500+ page final report on their 18-month Parliamentary Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety (PIMS) contained 64 recommendations positive …

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