motorcycle maintenance

Motorcycle maintenance: Ready for spring

While many of us are lucky – or brave enough – to ride all winter long, some have had to perform ritualistic motorcycle maintenance to hibernate their bikes for the winter and wake them up for spring. Thanks to UK biking experts, Bennetts, we have put together some motorcycle maintenance tips on recommissioning your bike …

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Motorcycle maintenance tips

This motorcycle maintenance advice was provided by the RACQ to help riders keep their bike in good condition which is perhaps the most important factor in safe riding. Keeping your bike in optimum condition: Get to know your motorcycle, read the handbook and make sure you understand its features, servicing requirements and the manufacturer’s advice on how …

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pre-ride check

Video guide to pre-ride checks

For your safety and to ensure that your bike is legal to ride, it is advisable to perform a pre-ride check every time you go for a ride. You can read my tips on pre-ride and post-ride checks here. Or you can watch the above video released by the American Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and …

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oil break in motorcycle

Mineral or synthetic oil for your motorcycle?

This age-old question about oils doesn’t have an easy answer. However, your motorcycle manual will specify a particular oil. Some even suggest one type of oil for the run-in stage and another for ongoing use. It is prudent to adhere strictly to what is suggested. But usually the manual only provides specifications of viscosity/weight and …

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Camelion chain oiler

Cameleon automatic chain oiler

You could do a lap of Australia on your bike and never have to bother about oiling the chain with a Cameleon Chain Oiler. The handy little device costs about $A230 plus postage. Oiling your chain is messy, it’s a nuisance having to carry chain lube with you and it’s something easily forgotten after a …

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Motorcycle Checklist

Pre-ride checklist for your motorbike

Before any ride, you should go over a pre-ride checklist to ensure that your bike is not only safe to ride, but also legal. Did you know you can be fined for a faulty motorbike taillight? It is a requirement that all motorists check their vehicles before they ride/drive them. You are responsible for any faults …

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