Wheelrider top box

Motorcycle top box converts to wheelie bag

https://youtu.be/H4_59Nmd8Ko This is the ultimate motorcycle luggage for people who travel as this top box converts to a wheelie bag, leaving a rack to secure your helmet, a USB to charge your phone and rain covers for your seat and helmet. So far the Wheelrider is only a prospective product, but the inventors are running …

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Weekender motorcycle luggage

Motorcycle luggage packs laptop

Is it a sign of the times when motorcycle luggage includes a special pouch for a laptop? Usually the weekend motorcycle getaway is just that – a getaway from the weekday computer drag, not dragging it around with you. However, the modern laptop and tablet have become so versatile and robust with their unbreakable flash …

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Triumph Bonneville

Triumph Bonneville retro panniers review

The Triumph Bonneville is the perennial darling of the hipsters. And now with waxed-cotton saddlebags, the hipsters can ride further than their local cafe The problem with fitting luggage to a Triumph Bonneville has always been the fact that the factory black leather saddlebags look out of place. They are too small, the wrong shape and …

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Osprey Transporter backpacks

Osprey Transporter backpack

Osprey Transporter backpacks are ideal for motorcycle riders because they are tough, but also lightweight. And we’d like you to have one! To win an Osprey Transporter 130 backpack, make sure you subscribe to our free weekly newsletter by clicking here and go to our Facebook page and click like. If you are already a …

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Mrs MotorbikeWriter partner

Mrs MotorbikeWriter goes motorcycle shopping

Back by popular request is Mrs MotorbikeWriter … and this time she’s going motorcycle shopping! MotorbikeWriter has had a million bikes over the years and a few times he’s asked my opinion on what he should buy next. But I either didn’t care or offer an opinion. I think my response went along the lines of …

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Atka motorcycle drybag review

Atka Drybag Prices: $24.95 (5 litre), $26.95 (10L), $29.95 (15L), $31.95 (20L) Click here to find where they are available. Remember when you rolled up your gear in a plastic garbage bag or canvas dufflel bag and bungee-tied it to the back seat or shoved it in your saddlebags? When you got to the rally, …

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