ZiiLock anti-theft alarm lock

ZiiLock unlocks with thumb or phone

Fumbling with keys on a motorcycle disc or wheel lock is no longer a problem with this ZiiLock bike lock which unlocks with a thumbprint or smartphone. ZiiLock which is based in Pasadena, California, and Taiwan, has an open-ended Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to launch their alarm bike lock. It has raised more than a quarter …

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SXP Chinese motorcycle locks disc lock

Chinese motorcycle locks are tough

China’s largest security motorcycle locks brand SXP (Security eXperienced Products) is now available in Australia. Despite much of our motorcycle gear and some components in our Euro/Am/Jap bikes now made in China, there is still consumer suspicion about the quality of Chinese-made products. So we put a couple to the test with some of the “tools of the trade” used …

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