Billy The Mayor Vickery

Billy ‘The Mayor’ still riding hard at 93

Billy “The Mayor” Vickery of Regents Park, Logan City, turned 93 last November and is still riding hard, admitting he doesn’t always stick to the speed limit. He could be the oldest rider in Australia, but you wouldn’t know it when Billy whips by, throttle pinned on his Honda CB400 Super Four. “I love it. …

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Marcus Wigan age Swann Insurance

Swann backs down on age barrier

Swann Insurance has dropped its age cut-off for motorcycle insurance after a 76-year-old professor was denied insurance for his Indian Scout motorcycle last year. Dr Marcus Wigan had been trying to enter an online Swann Insurance MotoGP competition in which entrants only had to apply for a quote. The competition gave no stipulation of an …

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Western Australia WA government lane filtering consultation paper and online survey licensing

Survey on lane filtering and graduated licensing

Western Australia could soon become the final state to introduce lane filtering as well as move to a graduated motorcycle licensing system. But rather than introducing both schemes to come into line with other states, the WA Government has issued a Motorcycle Safety consultation paper and incited “all road users” to complete an online survey on the …

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Austroads Motorcycle hazard perception tests added

Top 3 Reasons to Take Motorcycle Safety Courses

(Sponsored post) Looking for an American motorcycle license? If ‘yes’ then the safety courses available online would be a great help to you. Remember that, driving a motorcycle without knowing about the fundamentals of motorcycle riding can land you problems. In fact, the chances of having an accident or getting injured will be very high …

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Police chase dodgy bike licence holders unlicensed course

Police chase dodgy bike licence holders

Two accredited QRide testers have been arrested for allegedly issuing motorcycle licences to 13 people without going through the required test and evaluation process. The Beenleigh men were arrested yesterday on a total of 45 charges relating to fraudulently issuing motorcycle licences.  Thirteen people who allegedly paid for the licences have been charged with one count each of fraud. Five of those have …

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British motorcyclists

Motorcyclists are safer road users: survey

A British survey has found what many motorcyclists already believe – that they are safer than car drivers and know the road rules better. Motorcyclists recently went head-to-head against car drivers as they were subjected to a retake of the theory exam. The results of the survey by specialist British insurance brokers Carole Nash found …

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Learner rider - Calum demonstrates slow riding techniques safety contract business learn

Learner riders face tougher restrictions

Learner riders may have to do more off-road training, face a longer learner licence period and pass tougher skills tests to move to unrestricted licences. These measures are part of a Queensland Government scheme to improve motorcycle safety. The announcement was accompanied by an $8 million pledge to upgrade known motorcycle black spots, starting with more than …

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Learn learner novice Ride to Review plate

Motorcycle licensing review

Queensland and Western Australia continue to lag behind other states in their motorcycle licensing requirements. While WA is still reviewing their licensing system, the Queensland motorcycle licensing inquiry has rejected calls for new riders to undergo a second test after six months and for returned riders to do a test. WA and Queensland also allow …

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