Xray profile of Draggin Jeans

Draggin Jeans proves its Kevlar credentials

Draggin Jeans has gone on the offensive to prove that their product contains real certified DuPont Kevlar. Now you can scan the Izon Security label on their Draggin Classics with an I-nigma App on your smartphone which will direct you to a link which certifies the product for the registered trademarks of Dupont and Kevlar. …

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Draggin Razzo protective motorcycle jeans DuPont kevlar

Razzo motorcycle jeans are most comfortable

Have you ever suffered heat rash from protective motorcycle jeans because of the kevlar killing? I’ve tried a lot of these jeans and most are prickly hot in summer and scratchy in winter, but none is as comfortable al year round as the new Razzo jeans ($289) from Australian company Draggin. They have a “mesh sports …

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motorcycle Jeans

Motorcycle jeans for winter

Winter makes it difficult to keep your hipster image running hot, but these uglyBROS Ton-Up motorcycle jeans should help. However, it will cost you a staggering $385 to keep your “cool”! These motorcycle jeans feature a thermal soft felt lining which should keep you warm on the legs when the temperature gets into the single …

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Draggin Skins

Draggin Skins add style to female riders

One of the main concerns expressed By female riders is that motorcycle gear makes them look bulky. Now Australian motorcycle clothing manufacturers Draggin Jeans has added a slim pair of protective jeans that add style, femininity and fashion to your ride. Draggin Skins look like any other fashion jeans, but underneath they have DuPont Kevlar …

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