uk roads motorcycles and scooters congestion Are roads becoming safer for riders?

Are roads becoming safer for riders?

Road construction and road safety experts around the world are acknowledging that roads need to be designed with rider safety in mind, but only one country seems to be following the advice. Highways England, the company responsible for running over 4000 miles (6400km) of England’s motorways and major roads, has joined a landmark collaboration to …

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Bus lane in use in London lane filtering happiest commuters A British survey has found that riding a motorcycle makes you safer on a bicycle and vice versa, while other surveys show riders are the safest motorists. kerb motorists

Riders ‘better motorists’ say top UK cops

Motorcyclists are better motorists than drivers so more people should be encouraged to ride, says the British Association of Chief Police Officers in a report to the UK government. Rather than deterring riders, as most authorities seem to do, or legislating for learner riders to first hold a car licence for a year (as in Queensland), the …

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