Flying Eyes glasses sunglasses eyes

How to wear glasses with a motorcycle helmet

If you wear sunglasses or prescription glasses you will know of the niggling problems caused by wearing them with a motorcycle helmet. Some people wear contact lenses while riding, but be careful as they can dislodge in high winds and on bumpy roads. You could also get your eyes lasered. But neither of these will …

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Hedon Heroine Racer full face

Hedon launches full-face Heroine helmet

Exclusive European helmet brand Hedon has launched their first full-face model, the Heroine, in Australia. Hedon helmets are now being distributed in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia by Perth company, The Design Collective. Spokesman Chris Burke says Deus ex Machina in Sydney have a collection of Heroines along with and He says there will be additional stores …

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Kirsh motorcycle helmet

Kirsh helmet claimed world’s safest

An American inventor has developed a motorcycle helmet using silicone to reduce impact and has claimed his Kirsh helmet is the safest in the world. Jason Kirshon, who rides a Harley-Davidson Softail Rocker, says most helmets are too big, too heavy, or don’t offer enough protection. So he set about constructing his own helmet in …

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Charley Boorman South Australia road rules change

Motorcycle road rules farce nears end

Arcane road rules that affect motorcyclists and vary from state to state are gradually being addressed with South Australia the latest to see reason. Over the past few years, these varied laws have exposed riders to being fined for: Having a GPS on their bike; Not wearing the correct helmet/visor; Having blinkers too close together; Wearing a …

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Painted motorcycle helmets

Are painted motorcycle helmets legal?

A lot of riders have painted motorcycle helmets with spray gun to express their individuality, but are they legal? Given the police propensity to fine over minor helmet issues and after a reader asked this very question, we thought it prudent to check the legality. We approached helmet law experts, helmet painters, and transport departments and …

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X-Lite X-551 adventure helmet

X-Lite helmets coming under new laws

New helmet laws that allow European UNECE22.05 helmets to be sold in Australia have led to the re-introduction of high-quality X-Lite helmets made by Italian company Nolan. Australian helmet importers Ron Angel Wholesale says the first X-Lite helmet will be the X-551 adventure helmet with more models to come. “X-Lite helmets are one of the …

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Suomy helmets life

Helmet standard needs revision says forum

A helmet forum in Sydney has decided that the Australian standard for helmets is still relevant – at least for now – but requires revision to make it more explicit and not open to interpretation. Despite all Australian states now allowing European-standard UNECE22.05 helmets, it was pointed out that there are helmets currently being sold …

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Crossing borders can be a legal nightmare

Road rules farce set to end, says AMC

Road rules that vary from state to state could lead to riders being fined for: Having a GPS on their bike; Not wearing the correct helmet; Standing up while moving; Having blinkers too close together; Wearing a camera on their helmet; or Stretching their legs while riding. These are the types of offences that are …

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Harley open-face helmets

Harley is taking it up to Bell with their new range of custom-painted open-face helmets. Bell has returned to Australia after 18 years with a range of helmets including some very tasty Custom 500 open-face helmets, some painted by Roland Sands Designs in LA. Now Harley has struck back with some custom lids of their own. …

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Reevu motorcycle helmet review

I’ve been using a couple of Reevu helmets for several months now and have found that they are not only a great safety device, but also very comfortable and with a couple of added benefits that I had not foreseen. But let’s go back to the start. The Reevu helmets have a mirror in the …

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