Novelty helmet doubt

VicPol throws doubt on novelty helmet covers

Several days after saying novelty helmet covers were legal, VicPol has thrown doubt on the issue saying it had to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. At first they simply replied: “It is not illegal to put a hat over the helmet”. Five days later VicPol updated their comment saying it is “not possible to …

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Novelty santa xmas motorcycle helmet cover

Police okay Santa novelty helmet covers

If you want to get into the Christmas spirit with a novelty Santa helmet cover, most police will not play Scrooge and fine you for a non-compliant helmet. However, there are points of safety to consider which could lead to fine, if not observed. Novelty helmet covers Queensland and South Australia police say novelty helmet …

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Giacomo Agostini Ago AGV tribute helmet

AGV adds retro X3000 and X70 helmets

Retro-designed AGV X3000 full-face and X70 open-face helmets are now available in Australia with two race legend tribute helmets. The X3000 range is led by a $999 limited-edition tribute to the legendary 15-time world motorcycle champion, Giacomo Agostini (pictured above). Top of the open-face X70 range is the $499 Pasolini which is a tribute to GP legend …

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Forcite smart helmet

Forcite Helmets seek test pilots

Australian motorcycle helmet startup Forcite is looking for riders to act as test pilots for their ultralight but ultra-hi-tech smart helmet. The smart helmet revolution is coming with several hi-tech helmets or add-on units hitting the market in the next few years, changing riding forever.  Not to be outdone by Silicon Valley and Asian tech …

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Sikhs sikh turban helmet

More Sikhs allowed to ride in turban

Sikhs in Ontario are now allowed to ride in a turban instead of a helmet, joining riders in three other Canadian provinces as Australian Sikhs seek the same exemptions. The Ontario government has granted the rule waivers to Sikhs in recognition of their civil rights and religious expression after a bill presented by parliamentarian and …

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Jarvish X-AR augmented reality HUD smart helmet revolution

Jarvish offers smart helmet discounts

Taiwanese company Jarvish has launched a crowd-funding campaign and discounts to produce their X and X-AR smart helmets that include a host of technology as well as voice-only access to Siri, Amazon Alexa and OK Google control. Other features are a carbonfibre shell, front and rear 1080p 360-degree cameras, Bluetooth audio, active noise cancelling to reduce …

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Kobe Smart Case smarter

Kobe Smart Case neatly secures your helmet

If you’ve ever had your helmet stolen from your bike or accidentally knocked or blown off your bike, then the stylish rear-rack-mounted Kobe Smart Case could be your solution. It electronically secures your helmet to your bike when parked and neatly folds away when not in use to be visually discrete and aerodynamic while riding. …

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Momodesign helmet fan keeps a cool head

Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer Momodesign has added a fan that activates at low speed to keep the airflow going to your head in the hot summer months. The Aero helmet features a Tornado Ventilation System that switches off at high speeds and only activates at low speeds thanks to a built-in GPS. It’s not the first …

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DAAL Active noise-cancelling system for helmets

Active noise-cancelling system for helmets

An active noise-cancelling system for motorcycle helmets has been launched by Norwegian tech startup DAAL at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan. Noise is a big issue in helmets with damaging levels of up to 110dB at highway speed that can cause tinnitus (ringing in the ears) over time. Click here for more information. Many …

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Biltwell Gringo helmet

Biltwell Gringo helmet coming soon

American motorcycle helmet manufacturer Biltwell last year released its Lane Splitter urban/enduro helmet in Australia and will soon add the retro Gringo. It’s one of many previously unavailable helmets coming to our market after the changes in certification allowed European ECE22.05 helmets to be worn in Australia. While Biltwell helmets have American DOT certification, only …

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