Test Forcite smart helmet

Your chance to test Forcite smart helmet

Here’s your chance to be a test pilot for the Forcite smart helmet that integrates a camera system, navigation and intercom in the shell and was developed right here in Australia. The ultralight and ultra-hi-tech smart helmet will hit the market in December, but you can test it in July and August. CEO and co-founder Alfred Boyadgis says …

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Domio Pro Bluetooth helmet sound system

Domio Bluetooth helmet sound adds mic

The Domio Sport Bluetooth helmet system provides music without internal speakers and messy wires, but has now added a microphone system that has no internal or boom mic. The Canadian company launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to raise the funds to start production of their Domio Pro unit with the mic. Their Facebook page says they …

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Sena +Mesh links unlimited Sena intercoms

Sena +Mesh links unlimited intercoms

Bluetooth giant Sena has introduced a +Mesh wireless adaptor that will link any version of their intercoms to any number of other Sena headsets. It links most Sena Bluetooth intercoms with their +Mesh technology that allows people using the headset to come and go from a linked conversation without breaking the link. The unit is …

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Sena Savage

Sena adds Savage open-face helmet

Bluetooth giant Sena has moved into motorcycle helmets with integrated intercom systems over the past couple of years, adding full-face helmets, a half-helmet and now the open-face Savage. Last year I reviewed the Sena Momentum full-face helmet and I was so impressed it has now become my go-to helmet. Read my review here. But I remain …

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Forcite smart helmet delivered in December

Forcite smart helmet delivered in December

Australian motorcycle helmet startup Forcite has promised its ultralight and ultra-hi-tech smart helmet will hit the market in December. The Forcite helmet integrates a camera system, navigation and intercom in the shell. CEO and co-founder Alfred Boyadgis says their early supporters or “test pilots” will soon be able to buy a limited-edition founder carbon composite …

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Ugly speedometer HUD

Stop speedometer gazing with ‘ugly’ HUD

A Toronto rider has developed an affordable but ugly head-up display (HUD) for a motorcycle helmet that provides speed alerts only so you don’t have to stare at your speedometer all the time. Colin Lam, who has started producing the HUD for just $US79, admits the controller unit is bulky and ugly, but says it …

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Helmet Light rear-ender crash safety visibility

Motorcycle helmet light for rider visibility

New York designer and rider Joe Doucet has designed a helmet wth an LED light that switches to red when decelerating to improve rider visibility and avoid rear-end crashes. Joe has benevolently decided not to apply for a patent nor manufacture the helmet but make the technology available to others in the interests of rider …

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Fluid Pods helmetFluid Pods helmet

Fluid-filled helmet protects your brain

Fluid-filled capsules inside a motorcycle helmet could prevent damage to your brain in a crash by acting like the liquid that surrounds your brain. Fluid Inside has developed their Fluid Pods after 25 years of research into how the liquid around our brain helps protect it from impact. Their first helmet is the Fox V3 …

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Adults motorcycle helmet law

Another state may allow helmet-less adults

There soon may be another state in the US that allows adults to choose for themselves whether they wear a motorcycle helmet or not. Missouri voted in May 2019 to repeal its helmet laws. Governor Mike Parson vetoed the Bill in July, but only because of a provision to confiscate licences of people who don’t …

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Motorcycle Helmet superstition scan scanning

Readers support helmet scanning service

More than 70% of respondents to a survey have supported a $40 helmet scanning service to check for hidden fractures in your helmet. The Helmet Doctors who developed the helmet laser-scanning invention say it would give riders peace of mind that their helmet is safe to use after a drop or crash, or whether it …

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