Roof Carbon is lightest full-face helmet

Roof RO200 Carbon is lightest full-face helmet

French motorcycle helmet company Roof is releasing a new helmet, the RO200 Carbon, which is expected to be the lightest full-face helmet in the world. At just 1090g, it beats the previous lightest helmet, the Nolan-made X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon at 1249g. Light helmets reduce fatigure, especially on a long ride. The 1090g weight figure …

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Arai Regent-X motorcycle helmet

Arai Regent-X easier to pull on/off

The next-generation Arai Regent-X helmet will address the problem of tight-fitting helmets being difficult to pull on and off. It will be released late this year with the latest version of Arai’s Facial Contour System. This system includes a 5mm adjustment in the jawline and cheek pads that “articulate up and down” as you pull …

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Klim Koroyd helmet

Klim helmet cooler, safer, longer lasting

A new Koroyd helmet liner being used by Klim is claimed to be safer, cooler and last longer than the industry standard polystyrene or polypropylene “EPS” foam. Koroyd is basically hundreds of tiny tubes of plastic polymer that form a honeycomb around your head, absorbing more impact and allowing cooling air to circulate. It is …

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Neckmike from Tactical headsets

Neckmike intercom headset for riders

Neckmike intercom is similar to those tactical headsets you’ve seen the good guys using in Hollywood blockbusters. It’s the product of a two-person Swedish company that produces headsets for military and first responders. But co-founder Carl Franzén says they don’t just make them for use in combat or special ops, so they sent me their …

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Arai Rapide Neo retro helmet

Arai Rapide Neo joins retro trend

Most motorcycle helmet manufacturers have now released retro designs over the past few years and now the Arai Rapide Neo joins the trend. Arai is better known for its racing helmets, but the sports bike category is on the slide and the retro trend is continuing to rise, so it was only a matter of …

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DayGlo Queensland Police witnesses unfair

Cops issuing incorrect helmet fines?

Just days after we published an article in which Queensland Police waived an erroneous fine for a “void” motorcycle helmet sticker, a second similar incorrect infringement has surfaced. And it seems one of the chiefs of the Road Policing Command is so out of touch with the Australian and Queensland Road Rules and Standards he …

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Sena ARK bluetooth intercom for AGV helmets

Aerodynamic ARK bluetooth intercom for AGV

AGV is the latest helmet manufacturer to partner with leading Bluetooth company Sena to develop a special aerodynamic ARK intercom for their helmets. So far, the ARK intercom is only compatible with the AX9 Adventure range, K5-S Sports range and Sport Modular Touring. The AGV ARK intercom costs $399, but you have to also buy …

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Void helmet Ian Joice

Victory in void helmet sticker fine

Police have waived a Bribie Island rider’s $400/3point infringement for having a void helmet sticker in a test case that proves riders can legally remove the external sticker. Ian Joice, 63, says he was pulled over by police on Bowen Rd, Glass House Mountains, on 12 August 2019 at 11.38am. He says the officer noted …

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Next gen BikeHUD nears completion

Next gen BikeHUD nears completion

After almost four years of development, British tech company BikeSystems is finally about to release their next gen BikeHUD head-up display for motorcycle helmets. It will feature a peripheral screen (called a “monocle”) that can display speed, satnav directions, a rearview camera and eventually bike information such as fuel, revs, etc. Unlike some other HUD helmet …

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EJEAS Quick20

EJEAS Bluetooth helmet intercom review

If you’re sick of fiddling with the fiddly screws to mount your Bluetooth intercom, this budget EJEAS Quick20 is worth considering with its excellent audio quality. It is Chinese made (as most Bluetooth units probably are!) and costs just $A185 each ($US129, €113,£103) through their EJEAS website. Quick clasp This unit is as slim as the top-of-the-line …

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