Bell MX-9 adventure helmet

Bell helmet recalled for missing label

The Bell MX-9 Adventure DLX helmet has been recalled simply because the European certification label is missing from the chin strap. Under Australia rules, helmets must have an ECE22.05 label on the inside of the helmet. You can actually remove the compliance sticker from the outside of the helmet, but it must still have a …

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Germbuster is claimed to sterilise your helmet

Gizmo uses light to sterilise your helmet

Taiwanese company Lucky International has launched a GermBuster gizmo that uses ultraviolet light and ozone to sterilise and deodorise your motorcycle helmet. In the wake of the panic over the pandemic, company spokesman Billy Chao contacted us to see if we were interested in selling their GermBuster through our website. President Donald Trump would love …

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NEXX X.G10 Saloon open-face helmet

McQueen would wear this NEXX helmet

The new NEXX X.G10 Saloon open-face helmet is a vintage motocross style that resembles helmets worn by the legendary Hollywood actor and bike fan Steve McQueen. He was an accomplished motocrosser who represented America in the international six-day enduro trials in 1964 where he rode with a Bell Jet helmet that looked very much like …

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Motorcycle dealership sale accessories jeans helmets best motorcycle helmets

Best Motorcycle Helmets in 2020

You can’t live without your head, so you need to protect it with the best motorcycle helmets. However, shopping for a motorcycle helmet has never been a walk in the park. Sometimes you have to weigh up cost versus comfort. Should buying a helmet leave your pockets empty? Of course not! Do you need a …

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HJC vintage retro flip-up modular V90 helmet

HJC makes first retro flip-up helmet

The retro helmet fad has boomed in recent years, but this HJC V90 with bubble visor is the first we have seen in a modular or flip-up helmet. These vintage-style helmets are usually worn by touring riders (and many BMW riders!) who are more interested in the flexibility of the practical design than in fashion …

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Aldi annual sale - Riders urged to support motorcycle dealers claims

Aldi confirms annual motorcycle gear sale

Aldi Australia has confirmed its annual motorcycle gear sale will return, but has not yet named a date nor confirmed whether the pandemic will delay the sale. The sale is usually held on one of the first Saturday’s in August, but was pushed back to the end of the month in 2019. An Aldi Australia spokesperson …

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American helmet laws

More pressure on American helmet laws

Despite the US introducing helmet laws more than half a century ago, only 19 American states require all riders to wear helmets and now Missouri may relax their helmet laws. A large proposed transportation bill before government includes a provision to allow riders aged 26 or more to ride without a helmet so long as they have …

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Chinese KBC helmet

Would you buy a Chinese-made helmet?

Would you wear a Chinese-made helmet, jacket, gloves, or motorcycle, in the wake of the escalating trade war with Australia? The Communist Party of China has imposed hefty tariffs and threatened other measures on some Australian exports after Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for an independent inquiry into the origin of the coronavirus outbreak. When …

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Aldi helmets Ray Schriever

Aldi silver helmets ‘grow old disgracefully’

Aldi claims the gear they offer in their annual motorcycle gear sale is safe, but one Sydney reader says at least silver Aldi helmets don’t age well. Ray Schriever bought a stack of helmets from Aldi in 2015 and all the silver paint has now crazed and become sticky, despite limited use. Ray says he bought a …

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AGV Valentino Rossi Race Replica K3 helmet

Are race replica helmets still a thing?

With the absence of racing due to the pandemic lockdown and the waning of sportsbike popularity we wonder how many riders are still keen on race replica helmets. They used to be very popular, but we haven’t seen as many in recent years. Some riders wear them to announce their allegiance to a particular rider …

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