Luigi Termignoni

Mr Termignoni dies aged 75

The founder of the motorcycle exhaust company that brought music to the ears of many riders, Luigi Termignoni, has died, aged 75. Luigi founded the Termignoni exhaust company in 1969 in Predosa, Italy. His exhausts were made famous in the Paris-Dakar rallies of the ’70s and ‘80s and even the Le Mans 24 Hours Race …

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Indian FTR 1200 Race Replica cat catalytic

Is it legal to remove your motorbike’s cat?

Police are allegedly fining riders who remove the catalytic convertor or cat from their motorcycle, according to several motorcycle dealers. While the replacement of the muffler or exhaust system may contravene noise rules, removing the cat has nothing to do with noise, but with air pollution. The cat is that ugly metal box often underneath your …

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noise noisy exh plate machismo crackdown

Time running out for noisy exhausts

The end appears to be coming for noisy motorcycle exhausts as noise detection devices are being trialled in the UK and Paris while Australian authorities monitor the trials. Both the UK Department of Transport and French noise pollution agency Bruitparif are trialling devices that detect the noise, identify the culprit, take a photo and can …

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noise noisy exh plate machismo crackdown

Noise cameras to nab loud exhausts

Australian police and transport authorities will monitor the British development and trial of prototype noise cameras that can detect loud motor vehicle exhausts. The UK Department of Transport will test the prototype cameras in the coming months, but will not fine offenders. Yet! Noise cameras “New camera technology to be trialled by the government aims …

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Call to challenge exhaust noise fines sign

Police admit errors in exhaust noise sign

An information sign about motorcycle noise testing that has been posted at two Queensland police stations is incorrect. Queensland police have admitted there are errors in the sign, but say specialist officers have been fully trained in roadside noise testing and have been doing the tests since 2002. This follows recent blitzes in South East …

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Call to challenge exhaust noise fines sign noise cameras

Call to challenge motorcycle exhaust noise fines

A Brisbane barrister who has written a paper on the legality of aftermarket motorcycle exhausts has urged all riders to challenge exhaust noise emissions fines, saying police will get the message and stop issuing them. Levente Jurth wrote his paper in January 2016 and is now representing a group of riders caught in a recent …

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Loud Pipes exhausts mufflers blitz axe

Motorcycle exhaust blitz expected soon

Another Queensland Police and Transport and Main Roads (TMR) blitz on motorcycles is expected in the next couple of weeks, particularly concentrating on noisy exhausts. As part of Operation Grenadine on April 28/29, Queensland Police issued 16 vehicle defect notices and TMR officers issued six defect notices. TMR could not provide a breakdown of the …

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2017 Harley-Davidson CVO Limited with 114 Milwaukee Eight V-Twin

Noisy motorbike exhausts doomed?

As noisy motorbike exhausts seem doomed by complaints and heightened law enforcement around the world, Harley-Davidson has been able to increase the noise of its new models. Their new Milwaukee Eight V-twin engine is mechanically quieter which means they have been able to make the exhaust note louder and richer while still remaining legal in world-standard …

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Loud pipes trial chop

Noisy motorcycle exhaust fight continues

A 70-year-old Canadian is appealing after his $850,000 lawsuit against a local council, police and a motorcycle group over excessive motorcycle exhaust noise was thrown out of court. The Edmonton’s Court of Queen’s Bench threw out Richard Jones’s case, saying it “discloses no reasonable cause of action, is frivolous, irrelevant or improper, and constitutes an abuse of process.” Richard says …

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Akropovic Open-Line exhaust system on a Harley-Davidson Road King

Noisy motorcycle exhausts could cost us

A dangerous precedent has been set in Canada where a resident is suing his local council, police and a motorcycle group over excessive motorcycle exhaust noise. A 70-year-old Canadian has filed an $850,000 lawsuit in Edmonton’s Court of Queen’s Bench naming the city of Fort Saskatchewan, the local Mounties’ detachment and the Fort Saskatchewan Motorcycle …

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