Riders are being asked to support a protest today over the state's anti-bikie "fashion law" that prohibits the wearing of "colours" associated with outlawed "bikie" clubs.

Protest over Tassie bikie ‘fashion law’

Riders are being asked to protest today against the state’s anti-bikie “fashion law” that prohibits the wearing of “colours” associated with outlawed “bikie” clubs. UPDATE: Not many riders attended, but there was a sizeable crowd as these photos show. They also launched a parliamentary petition to scrap the laws. Click here to sign. The law …

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volodoymyr zhukovskyy Rider killer faces long jail term carnage jail time

Rider killer faces long jail term

This fresh-faced pick-up driver who mowed down 10 motorcycles, killing seven people in New Hampshire USA last Friday, faces from seven to more than 100 years in jail. Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, 23, was arrested near his home in West Springfield, Massachusetts, Monday morning on a fugitive-from-justice charge and was later charged with seven counts of negligent …

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Motorcycle Clubs Ulysses peer

How to deal with motorcycle peer pressure

Negative peer pressure is alive and thriving in motorcycling as it always has and probably always will be. Do you have a coping strategy? Some say peer pressure does not exist in motorcycling because riding is about not fitting in. It’s about being the wild loner.  If that’s the case, why are there so many …

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Rev Dr John Smith Smithy

Vale God Squad founder Rev Smithy

Riders have been invited to celebrate the life of Rev Dr John “Bullfrog” Smith, the founder of the God’s Squad CMC, radical preacher and long-time social justice campaigner. “Smithy” passed away from cancer at home on 6 March 2019 with his wife of 51 years, Glena, by his side. His funeral service will be held …

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New York bikies Redrum motorcycle club revenue raising banned senate

US Senate votes against rider profiling

While Australian states are ramping up their anti-association laws that profile riders as potential outlaws, the US Senate has unanimously passed a motorcyclist anti-profiling resolution. This follows an American Motorcyclist Association survey finding that half of American motorcyclists say they have been profiled by police pulling them over. There is no such survey in Australia, …

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Dukes Road Old School Bikers Social Club Peter-John Raft

Dukes Road clubhouse open to all riders

The unique Dukes Road Old School Bikers Social Club has established a clubhouse in a rural setting to provide riders with free camping and facilities for meetings and social occasions. It is based on Dukes Rd, Cooyar, on the Darling Downs about 90km north of Toowoomba on a 40-hectare (100 acres) property. Spokesman Peter-John Raft says the private …

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Veteran assault

Army veteran sues over alleged police assault

The Army veteran at the centre of a controversy in which police allegedly harassed participants in a charity ride has rejected a police response to his formal complaint and plans to sue for assault. “Magic”, 58, of Brisbane, of the Veterans Motorcycle Club of Australia, Brisbane Chapter, says he was assaulted by Senior Constable Murphy …

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Police Harassment in charity ride Hells Angels assault charge exonerated

Minor charges in charity ride ‘harassment’

More than 50 NSW, Queensland and Federal police who stopped a charity ride issued warnings, two minor drug charges and some defect notices. Ride organiser and Hells Angels MC Brisbane Chapter member Jeff Ehlers says “a lot of taxpayers’ money was spent and wasted for some very very minor offences”. “It was total abuse of …

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