Draggin Rebel jeans

Draggin Rebel jeans pass heat test

The new Draggin Rebel jeans have now become my favourite riding pants for the oppressive Queensland summer heat. The Rebel jeans ($299) feature a new version of their RooMoto lining which has almost double the abrasion resistance at 7.46 seconds. That’s comforting to know! But we’ve worn riding jeans before with a mixture of protective …

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draggin Rebel jeans have almost double the abrasion resistance

Draggin ‘doubles’ abrasion resistance

Draggin Jeans continues to improve its products with the latest Rebel and Revz jeans now featuring a 20% lighter lining and almost twice the abrasion resistance. According to Draggin’s testing, they will now withstand more than 7.46 seconds of road abrasion, that is, sliding down the road. The lighter lining is also more breathable, cooler and …

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Draggin jeans extreme clothing

Funding for safe motorcyclist clothing

Riders will benefit from $13.2 million of Federal Government funding for research into “future fibres”, including next-generation protective clothing. Longtime Australia motorcycle clothing manufacturer Draggin Jeans is one of the partners in the Future Fibres Hub research that will cover four different areas. The exact amount set aside for motorcycle apparel is therefore difficult to assess. …

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Single-layer protective denim safer

Single-layer motorcycle clothing that passes safety tests is getting closer with DSM Dyneema gaining European approval after the latest tests. Their single-layer denim with elastic material and a large amount of Dyneema has passed the four-second abrasion test. It now gains an EN13595-1 approval for level 1 which means abrasion resistance of four seconds or …

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Draggin K-shit and K-legs

Turn regular clothes into riding gear

Now you can turn your regular clothes into protective riding gear by wearing Kevlar-lined undergarments, says Draggin Jeans who warn about deceptive labelling by some manufacturers. Australian protective motorcycle Draggin Jeans have released their K-shirt ($249) and K-Leg ($279), allowing you to wear what you want over the top and still be protected from abrasion. …

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Ixon Spencer HP jeans

Protective rider gear more confusing

The protection standards of motorcycle clothing are becoming more confusing as changes to Europe’s CE Approval system begin to flow through to Australia. In May, Draggin CEO and founder Grant Mackintosh said that until Australia introduced a five-star rating system for motorcycle protective clothing in the next couple of years, labelling would remain confusing to riders who will have …

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Saint Unbreakable Denim motorcycle protective clothing

Saint Unbreakable Denim now certified

Australian motorcycle clothing company Saint has created the world’s strongest single-layer denim which has now achieved European certification for greater than four-second abrasion resistance. Saint’s “Unbreakable Denim” is made by weaving 66% Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) in the warp and weft while having a 34% cotton denim “face”. The result is a single-layer denim …

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Draggin Holeshot jeans win award

Draggin Holeshot jeans win design award

Australian motorcycle jeans company Draggin Jeans have won a “best of the best” award for their Holeshot jeans in the inaugural Motorcycle Brand Contest run by the German Design Council. The men’s Holeshot jeans also won a 2014 Red Dot Award for Product Design for their “seamless fashion design”. Holeshot is the first product in the …

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thongs riding gear HOG rally peeves

Dealers say no to thongs as riding gear

If you arrive at a Triumph Motorcycle dealer in India dressed in thongs (flip flops), shorts and a t-shirt, they may not hand over your new motorcycle. This comes as police in Victoria want minimum riding gear standards that include gloves and boots in an effort to reduce the rising motorcyclist road toll. The debate on …

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Harley-Davidson safety gear

Harley-Davidson offers riding gear

While many riders stretch their finances just to buy a motorcycle and then can’t afford to buy decent safety gear, Harley-Davidson has a solution. HD Australia products manager Sébastien Bureau says they are offering customers finance deals that include up to 10% of the price of the bike to be spent on riding gear. “It’s …

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