Exhaust pipes bluing

Product claims to end exhaust bluing

High temperatures can make exhaust header pipes turn blue, but now a new product claims to stop exhaust bluing. World Patent Marketing has now announced that its patented Rid a Blue is a quick cleaning product which takes the bluing out of the pipe. Some riders like the bluing effect as they say it gives …

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Wiping scratches off windscreens

Toothpaste not only brightens your smile, but can also make your vision a little clearer if you use it on your motorcycle windscreen. Insects, stones and other road grime can scratch and smear your windscreen, making it difficult to see through and, more worriedly, spoil the look of your bike. Don’t make the same mistake …

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chrome pipes

Cleaning your motorcycle’s chrome pipes

Despite repeatedly telling your pillion not to put their boots on your nice, clean, chrome pipes, do they listen? 
No! The resulting mark burns in and looks disgusting, spoiling your beautiful bike which you spent ages cleaning. And then there’s that errant plastic bag that is floating around on the highway. You try to dodge …

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