Axo Freedom Adventure boots bargain

AXO Freedom Adventure boot review

The first thing you notice about the new AXO Freedom Adventure boots ($299.95 through is the absence of bulky clips and latches typical of most adventure or off-road motorcycle boots. Instead, they feature the “Boa” latching system which is used in ski and snowboard boots. It consists of a click-knob and wire harnessing system. …

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Stylmartin motorcycle boots

Protecting motorcycle boots and leather gear

My favourite pair of motorcycle boots are these Stylmartin Legend RDs. They are waterproof and so comfortable yet supportive, that I have been wearing them off-road, touring, you name it! I’ve ridden in the rain, stomped through muddy bogs and even gone for a splash in a creek wearing them. I love the way they …

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Stylmartin motorcycle sneakers review

Stylmartin is not a familiar brand to Australian motorcycle riders. However, they were worn by former world GP champs Wayne Gardiner and Freddie Spencer. The Italian company is still making racing boots for road and off-road use, but they have also branched into touring boots and, more recently, urban gear – that’s the stuff you …

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