Farkle custom motorcycle

When is enough farkle enough?

For most riders the farkle (motorcycle accessories and bling) starts to appear the day you buy your new motorcycle and doesn’t stop until it’s sold or crashed. So the answer to the question in this article’s heading is “never”! Diminishing returns However, there is a law of diminishing returns on any motorcycle accessories. So it …

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Touratech Travel Event madagascar insolvency

Touratech bailed out of insolvency

Adventure riders can breathe a sigh of relief now that famed German motorcycle accessory company Touratech has been bailed out of a voluntary insolvency. Touratech filed for insolvency in August this year after an increased demand in sales saw them unable to fulfil many orders – attributed mostly to the late completion of their new …

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Moriwaki exhaust Honda Grom

‘Forgotten’ Moriwaki brand bounces back

The Moriwaki performance motorcycle parts brand has been largely forgotten in our market, but now Bikebuilders is attempting to return it to its former glory. The Brisbane-based company has added the Japanese brand to its inventory and plans to actively import parts. Bikebuilders partners Leif Martinsen and Yosuke (Yoshi) Kawamura are good friends of MD …

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12L Cargo Tail Bag

Motorcycle tail bag kickstarts

New York rider Shaun Lee has started making an innovative waxed-cotton tail bag for motorcycles even before he has raised all the necessary funds through a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign. The 12-litre tail bag fits on most motorcycle rear seats with a simple under-seat strap system, roll-down waterproof top and zippers, and a cargo net to …

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John Moorhouse Ergo Seats Ducati GT1000

Ergo Seats put comfort in your ride

Most standard motorcycle seats are too soft or too hard, shaped so you slide forward into the tank and don’t take into account rider ailments such as a bad back, says John Moorhouse of Ergo Seats. John knows motorcycle seats. He has been upholstering them since he started an apprenticeship in coach and motor body trimming at …

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Quad Lock mobile phone mount beeline maps

Quad Lock puts phone in your ride

Quad Lock is one of the latest devices to mount your phone to your motorcycle to use for GPS navigation, communication and music while you ride. It has a simple and effective method of securely locking the phone into place, but also quick and easy removal when you stop as this video shows. The Quad …

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Triumph Bonneville T100 headlight protector

Protect your motorcycle headlight

All new bikes should come with headlight protectors as modern Xenon and LED headlights can be very expensive to replace, some more than $2000! It only takes one errant rock to drain your hip pocket. And don’t be fooled into thinking it is only adventure bikes that are susceptible to copping a rock in the lamp. In fact, …

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