speed demons monash contradiction

Monash University conducts speed survey

A new Monash University survey is asking the public about speed limits, point-to-point speed cameras and a proposal for a 40km/h suburban limit in the ACT. While it may seem a progressive move, the research will be compiled by the Monash University Accident Research Centre which is known for its bias towards decrease speeds, more …

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Bosch hill hold and blind spot alert study mandatory

First real-world motorcycle ABS study

A real-world study into the effects of ABS in motorcycle crashes has been completed with the help of Australian riders. There have been plenty of studies in the past about the effectiveness of ABS on motorcycles, but they are all statistical summaries and not real-world surveys. Last year UK motorcycle road safety researcher Dr Elaine Hardy contacted us …

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University Australian Naturalistic Driving Study

Important university study neglects riders

Motorcyclists seem to have been sidelined in a long-awaited university study that experts believe would help one of the most vulnerable road users. Australian Naturalistic Driving Study not only excludes motorcyclists, but also people aged over 70 and is restricted to people in Sydney, regional New South Wales, Melbourne and regional Victoria. Emeritus Professor of …

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Covert speed cameras ‘more effective’

A Monash University academic and an Auditor General’s report have backed covert speed cameras as being more effective at reducing general speeding than high-visiblity cameras. Monash University Accident Research Centre professor Max Cameron says high-visibility speed cameras are only good for reducing speed at a black spot. Mobile speed cameras were originally introduced to reduce …

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