Motorcycle police VicPol road uniform demonises patrols

Police crash report demonises riders

A police report that claims riders of high-powered motorbikes are over-represented in the crash statistics demonises riders as “thrill seekers” and is “absolutely meaningless”. Victorian Motorcycle Council media spokesman John Eacott says the scant Victorian Police assessment of crash statistics is “akin to claiming that more blue cars crash than white cars”. Victoria Police compiled crash …

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Concern over motorbike hit-run crashes collision injured

Show of concern for rider safety

Riders have been called to show their support and concern for their safety today (27 May 2019) ahead of a major Victorian Road Trauma Summit next Friday. Melbourne riders are asked to gather outside the ABC studios at 120 Southbank Boulevard tomorrow from 9-10.30am during a radio forum on safety that previews the government’s summit. …

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Only dopes ride high! marijuana Diesel spill transport department NSW roads traffic motorcycles spills friday 13th unlicensed

Concerns over unlicensed rider crashes

Two recent incidents of 14-year-old boys stealing and crashing a motorcycle and scooter have again raised the issue of unlicensed riders adding to the motorcycle crash statistics. Queensland Police have charged a 14-year-old Manunda boy with numerous offences involving a stolen motorcycle, hitting and injuring a five-year-old boy in the street and leaving the scene …

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