Beer Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary Milwaukee Lager

Harley-Davidson celebrates with beer not champagne

Harley-Davidson will celebrate its 115th anniversary in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from 29 August 2019 with a limited-edition beer, not champagne, after a tough year. Over the past 12 months the company has suffered a drop in sales in most markets, battled an increase in tariffs in Europe and China and faces higher raw material prices. The …

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Holy Harleys – Pope sells Hog

Holy Harleys! The Pope is selling yet another HOG. This time last year, Harley launched its 110th anniversary countdown with the blessing of bikes in Rome. During the event, Pope Benedict XVI blessed and signed two tanks which were mounted on motorcycles. One returned to Milwaukee and the other was auctioned to raise money for …

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Bikers born to be mild

Have bikers gone soft and has the world gone soft on bikers? Rather than the tough image of born-be-wild bikers roaring through the countryside like Vikings on a bender, many bikers today are a born-to-be-mild gentrified bunch of professionals and self-made business people spreading joy and cash around  provincial communities. And rather than shuttering up …

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Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee

Harley-Davidson museum a treat

Milwaukee is the home of the Harley-Davidson museum which opened on their 105th anniversary in 2008. It is one of the best brand-name automotive museums I have visited in the world – and I’ve seen a lot. One of the greatest things about the Harley-Davidson museum is the fact that it has so many different sections …

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Light Bobcat bobber for Harley?

How does Harley Sprint, or Harley Hummer, or Harley Bobcat sound? Could these names from the American brand’s past re-emerge on smaller machines destined for markets such as India, China, Europe and Australia? In less than two weeks Harley-Davidson will unveil their 2014 models and I’ll be there in Denver, Colorado, for the first ride. …

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How to ride your motorcycle slowly

Not everyone can ride fast, but equally not everyone can ride slowly. Have you ever witnessed riders wobbling all over the place at slow speeds, or paddling their feet while trying to negotiate a carpark? It actually takes a bit of talent and training to ride slowly and it’s something that the police learn, not …

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