How Harley’s new V-Twin performs

Harley-Davidson’s first all-new big V-Twin in 17 years, the Milwaukee Eight, is an absolute cracker that, together with the upgraded suspension in the Touring range will shatter perceptions and criticisms. If the Rushmore Project updates on the Touring line-up were like man landing on the moon, this is like man landing on Mars – a giant leap for Harley-kind. There …

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Harley-Davidson launches Milwaukee Eight

Harley-Davidson is increasing the size of its engines to 107 cubes (1745cc) and 114 cubes (1870cc) with four valves per cylinder. It’s called the Milwaukee-Eight (referring to where it’s made and the number of valves) and is the ninth in the lineage of the company’s iconic Big Twin engines. The 107 will be introduced in the Touring …

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Traction control Harley-Davidson 2017 launch

Harley-Davidson to add traction control?

Could traction control be coming to the 2017 Harley-Davidson fleet? The clue comes in the invitation to the world’s media to attend the launch of the 2017 Harley-Davidson motorcycle range in Seattle suggesting traction control could be introduced. The words “more control” are accompanied by “more power” and “better handling” to indicate the updates to …

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