Footpath parking threat bays plan centre strategy siege

Is Melbourne footpath parking under threat?

The Independent Riders Group in Victoria is concerned that Melbourne’s much-vaunted motorcycle footpath parking is under threat. They claim the threat comes from a growing number of pedestrians, a strong cycling lobby claiming footpath space, comments by a former RACV boss, an MCG parking ban and alternative road-centre parking. However, the rival Victorian Motorcycle Council …

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Melbourne zones

City leads in motorcycle parking

Melbourne has just become the most progressive city in Australia and possibly the world for promoting motorcycle parking on footpaths and actively encouraging riders into the inner city, at the expense of cars. Now it’s time for other cities around the world to pay attention to the Melbourne City Council 2015-2018 Motorcycle Plan which passed unanimously …

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Brisbane free motorcycle parking CBD

Make motorcycle footpath parking legal

While 100 free motorcycle footpath parking spots have been added in Brisbane, you still can’t legally park your motorcycle on the footpath outside your home in most Australian towns and cities. Most municipalities ban parking your motorcycle, scooter or any vehicle on the footpath, nature strip or centre strip and hard-headed and hard-hearted council parking …

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