Win for riders on Mt Tamborine roadworks - road craft course

Riders ‘demonised’ by mainstream media

Motorcyclists are being demonised by mainstream media and “extreme rider behaviour”  sensationalised without balance or context, says a road safety campaigner. Judith Kuerschner, who was riding behind her husband when he was killed by a driver turning in front of him without indicating and who was a Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party candidate at the last election, …

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Riders protest anti-association laws VLAD police motorcycles - magazines

Motorcycle magazines sold to Aussie group

Several motorcycle magazines, including Australian Motorcycle News (AMCN), are back in the hands of Australians after being sold to a new magazine group. AMCN was part of the German-owned Bauer Media Group which publishes a vast array of niche and popular magazines such as Women’s Weekly. It is among three Bauer motorcycle titles reported to …

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