Honda CX500 customising diy

DIY advice for self-isolating riders

If you’ve responsibly chosen to park your bike during the pandemic, then you may be considering using the time to do some valuable DIY maintenance. We love a bit of DIY bike maintenance, but there are a few pitfalls that can trap the unwary home mechanic, warns RACQ technical officer and self-confessed mechanical “trainspotter” Steve Spalding. …

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backyard mechanic

Brighter future for backyard mechanics?

The future for backyard, independent and even multi-brand motorcycle mechanics may be a little brighter if the coming mandatory data sharing law is widened to include motorcycles. The law will allow owners the freedom to choose their mechanic as well as provide the backyard or independent mechanic access to service and repair information at a …

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Are independent bike mechanics protected? tools mechanic workshop

Are independent bike mechanics protected?

Independent motorcycle mechanics seem to be dying out at a rapid rate. Is it because motorcycle manufacturers are withholding servicing information or making it too expensive – some at up to $1900 a year for just one engine platform. A war of words has now broken out over whether manufacturers are withholding vital servicing information …

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Oil change bashing tools chain shaft belt

How to break in a new motorcycle

There are many and varied theories on how to break in a new motorcycle from a softly, softly approach to giving it the berries right from the start. We’re not just talking about the engine, but also the brakes, tyres and other components. For more information on breaking in new tyres, read this article. As …

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Bikebuilders Workshop - riders benefit from industry agreements

Little motorcycle workshop gem

The Bikebuilders workshop can do just about everything from race preparation to custom builds, restorations and even customising wheelchairs for off-road duties. Leif Martinsen is the talented young mechanic at the head of Bikebuilders, a little garage literally out the back of a house in Albion, Brisbane. This is where the former Yamaha factory race …

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mechanics repairs diy maintenance

Tales of shoddy motorcycle mechanics

Have you experienced any nasty surprises after shoddy mechanics have repaired or serviced your motorcycle? A riding colleague recently complained of a leaking brake reservoir on his BMW R 1200 RT (pictured above), so we pulled over for him to investigate. The bike had just been in for an expensive service and it seems the …

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Is non-dealer bike servicing risky?

Should you get a non-dealer mechanic to do your motorcycle servicing? The Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010 prevents automotive dealers from tying you into servicing or voiding your warranty if you service it yourself or have it done by a mechanic. Similar laws protecting consumers against restrictive trade practices, such as this, exist in …

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mechanic tools maintenance servicing lemon laws diy fuel economy

Should you do your own motorcycle servicing?

Most riders believe they will void their warranty if they do their own servicing or if they take their bike to a mechanic, rather than their dealer. However, the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010 prevents automotive dealers tying you into servicing or voiding your warranty if you service it yourself or have it done …

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