Edge filtering is allowed under Queendsland lane filtering rules uniform

Confusion grows over uniform road rules

Attempts to draft uniform national road rules, including helmet and filtering laws, may leave riders even more confused and prone to copping fines from police. Lawyers and motorcycle advocates have warned that draft road rules drawn up by the National Transport Commission (NTC) proposals are fatally flawed and have begun drafting their own proposals. You …

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Helmet cam

Loopholes sought over helmet cameras

Helmet camera laws are being tested in a Victorian Magistrates’ Court where a rider is defending a fine of $289 and three demerit points for “failure to wear an approved helmet”. Defendant Max Lichenbaum’s case was put forward in the Frankton Magistrates Court this morning. Malcolm Cumming of Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, explained that the arguments …

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Video ad campaign for SMIDSY

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers are at it again with their SMIDSY campaign! The Australian legal firm which seems to have the interest of riders at heart has launched a new ad highlighting SMIDSY. That stands for “Sorry mate, I Didn’t See You” and it represents a vast majority of accidents involving motorcycle riders. The law firm has …

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Victoria rejects bike levy ban

Motorcycle riders have been left feeling a little flat after a bike safety report that promised so much has failed to convince the legislators to deliver on some of its important points. The Victorian Government Road Safety Committee’s 500+ page final report on their 18-month Parliamentary Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety (PIMS) contained 64 recommendations positive …

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