MotoGP Blue Knot Day

MotoGP visitors urged to support Blue Knot Day

Riders on their way home from this weekend’s MotoGP have been urged to visit the Blue Knot Day site in Sale to help those affected by trauma, such as road accidents. The Blue Knot Foundation acknowledge and celebrate their annual Blue Knot Day focusing this year on empowerment, recovery and resilience for those who have …

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Rider challenges helmet sticker fine withdrawn

Motorcycle helmet sticker fine withdrawn

Victorian Police have withdrawn a fine against a rider for not having an external compliance sticker on his Australian-approved motorcycle helmet. But don’t get too excited just yet that VicPol has seen the light and understands the rules which say a helmet only needs an internal label. Rider Alasdair “Ted” Cameron challenged the $371 fine and …

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Incorrect fine Tim Byrne justice

Police drop fine for standing on pegs

South Australian police have dropped a rider’s fine for standing on the footpegs after another review of the case.  Adelaide rider Tim Byrne (pictured above with the infringement notice) says he was fined for standing up while riding through some roadworks in January 2018 despite the practice being legalised in South Australia in 2016 and …

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gopro fine helmet camera cam freely incriminate

Motorcycle helmet laws ‘not freely available’

Riders are confused about the legality of helmets with Bluetooth and camera attachments because the rules are not freely available and too technical. In its submission to the National Transport Commission (NTC) on uniform national road rules, motorcycle specialist legal firm Maurice Blackburn Lawyers argues that riders cannot hope to know the rules because they are difficult …

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MCC NSW chairman Christopher CJ Burns CTP

CTP insurance fight returns for riders

Riders who successfully fought against unfair Compulsory Third Party insurance hikes in 2013 that could have led to more than $2000 for Greenslips now face another CTP battle. The NSW Government has proposed changing the very structure of CTP which not only affects riders, but every motorist.  The NSW Government’s proposed changes: Give the insurance company …

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Max fronts media outside Frankston Magistrates Court helmet camera

Appeal lodged over helmet camera case

A County Court appeal has been lodged after a Victorian Magistrate last month upheld a $150 fine against a motorcycle rider for wearing a helmet camera.  Law firm Maurice Blackburn is acting on behalf of Max Lichtenbaum, who was fined $289 and lost three demerit points after being pulled over by police in Frankston in March …

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Oallen Ford Bridge potholes

Bridge pothole claims motorcyclist

A pothole has been blamed for the death of a Ducati rider in a sad reminder to riders about allegedly negligent roadworks. James Hughes, 50, died on Sunday after losing control on the newly opened Oallen Ford Bridge, east of Canberra. His partner Melissa Pearce blames one of several potholes which have developed up shortly …

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Carrie at the scene of the crash

Compo for bike crash on farm mud

A young British woman who fell from her motorcycle after a farmer left mud on the road has been awarded £10,000 ($A21460) compensation for the crash and her injuries. Malcolm Cummings, principal of Australian motorcycle advocates, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, says there is a lesson in the British case for all road users that the road must …

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Helmet cam

How to avoid paying helmet camera fines

At least one NSW rider has avoided paying a hefty fine for wearing a helmet camera simply because he decided to challenge the infringement notice in court. The issue is a legal minefield thanks to complex and arcane laws that invite varied police interpretations in each state and could attract fines of around $300 and …

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Roadworks etiquette Resurfacing Roadworks switch

Roadworks traps for motorcyclists

Shoddy roadworks with little signage, deep gravel and metal plates to cover holes are a trap waiting to snare unwitting motorcycle riders. One Gladstone man early on Friday morning crashed his Harley-Davidson in gravel left behind by roadworks where there was no warning signs and no street lighting. Rider Troy Stuart now wants the council to …

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