Brett Hoskin with TMR auditing bike

Motorcycle hazards audit wins award

A special motorcycle used to audit road surfaces and detect specific rider hazards has helped win a Queensland safety award, yet offers of its use to Victoria have been rejected. Use of the specially equipped Queensland Transport and Main Roads motorcycle to audit roads in the Mackay region has this week won a Community Award for …

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TMR bike inspect road hazards

Motorcycle used to inspect road hazards

VicRoads has rejected the use of a special motorcycle to inspect for motorcycle-specific road hazards, preferring to use specially trained inspectors. Last month Coroner Paresa Spanos found that a bump that caused the death of rider Mark Rodgers and pillion Jodi Walsham may not have been detected by VicRoads because it scans roads in a …

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Melting tar claims first crash victim Mt Glorious costly repair bitumen

More melting tar problems identified

Melting tar which caused a least one motorcycle accident on famed Mt Glorious behind Brisbane has been identified in several new areas and is now being treated thanks to lobbying by a group of local riders. After several months of pressure on State MPs and the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Motorcycle Advocacy Group spokesman David …

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1000km ride home with broken leg ostly

1000km ride home with broken leg

The Sydney rider who crashed in slippery molten tar on shoddy Mt Glorious roadworks on Tuesday rode 1000km home not realising he had broken his leg. Former Kiwi Stephen Thomas, 69, says he has been riding since he was 15 and this was his first motorcycle crash. He also says he saw the advisory 50km/h …

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Mt Glorious road works

Mountain speed and road works update

Speed limits will return to normal when the road works on the western side of Mt Glorious behind Brisbane are completed late in August 2017. Despite speed limits being reduced by 10km/h in most areas of the mountain and concerns that speeds would be further reduced after completion of the work, the Transport and Main …

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Road conditions deteriorating

Riders heading to the Australian MotoGP at Phillip Island have been warned that road conditions throughout south-eastern Australia have deteriorated after recent heavy rains. What is a real concern is that rather than fixing the roads, authorities are reducing the speed limit; maybe temporarily, and maybe permanently. Freedom Riders Australia spokesman Dale Maggs has particularly warned riders …

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Mt Tamborine Goat Track crashes

Dangerous roadworks repair win

Dangerous roadworks with a mass of slippery “tar snakes” or liquid tar crack sealant have now been repaired and warning signs installed in a win for motorcycle riders. It’s too late for the three motorcyclists and one cyclist who crashed on the dodgy roadworks on Mt Tamborine Rd, but a win for all the other recreational …

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jake Dolan racer and learner rider at AMA training motorcycle insurance rewards

Toughest licence laws now more costly

The Queensland Labor Government has just made the affordable worker’s transport more expensive and more difficult to access with the country’s toughest motorcycle licensing laws. Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey says the changes are to improve the skills and safety of Queensland riders in response to a rising road toll among riders. …

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Queensland Transport and Main Roads instrumented motorcycle audit

Motorcycle monitors road surfaces

Don’t panic if you see this motorcycle in your rearview mirror; it’s not a cop but a special vehicle used to monitor road surfaces. It’s the Queensland Transport and Main Roads instrumented motorcycle that rides around popular motorcycle roads gathering date from danger spots. The data is used to develop safety measures, improve road design …

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Fine me for standing up while riding a motorcycle

This is a photo of me performing an act which could be illegal in every state of Australia … and I dare the police to issue me with a traffic infringement notice. It seems that riders are not allowed to stand while riding a motorcycle, even though it is a common and safe practice on …

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