Jawa Classic Legends

Jawa Classic Legends unveiled in India

Jawa Motorcycles are back with a retro vengeance with the unveiling of three new Classic Legends models in India. Unfortunately, owners Mahindra Motorcycles are only licensed by the original Czech Jawa company to make and sell the bikes in India. However, we believe that could change in the next few years if these are successful. …

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Jawa Classic Legends 300

New Jawa Classic Legends revealed

A new generation of Jawa Classic Legends motorcycles with a 300cc engine have been revealed in spy photos from “automotive enthusiast” Kiran P Menon. But don’t get too excited about seeing the bikes here. The Czech motorcycle company has licensed the name Jawa to Mahindra auto company for production and sale in India. Meanwhile, Jawa still makes …

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BSA tweet Mahindra

Tweet indicates BSA is coming to town

A simple Christmas Tweet has many BSA fans excited that the brand will return to the market with a retro model by Christmas 2018. BSA was bought by Indian tractor and automotive company Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) for $A5.4m in October 2016, but there has been little information since from the company about the British …

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Jawa 350 returns to international market - cagiva

Jawa returns to international market?

Czech motorcycle manufacturer Jawa could be returning to the international market with a new four-stroke retro 350 model. For the past 88 years, Jawa has been mainly making two-stroke bikes which have now been banned in many markets because of emissions regulations. Now the company is about to release a new 350 model with 350cc …

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Jawa 350 by Urban Motors

What will the new Jawa motorcycle look like?

Indian tractor manufacturer Mahindra has bought BSA and Jawa and plans to revive the brands, but we’re not sure the latter will look like this concept. It was built by Urban Motor of Berlin and unveiled at the annual Glemseck motorcycle festival in Stuttgart where it took part in their inaugural Essence sprint. Their minimalist concept …

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Designer sketches more scramblers

If you think the scrambler craze has gone crazy, check out some of these sketches by Italian motorcycle designer Oberdan Bezzi. While none of them is endorsed by the manufacturers, there are a few here that might make them think long and hard about hopping on board this lucrative segment. The sketches are featured on …

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Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited BSA - cagiva revival

BSA sold and may be revived

BSA could join the list of recently revived motorcycle brands including Bultaco, Brough, Hesketh, Matchless and Norton after Indian motor company Mahindra bought the British company for $A5.4m. BSA is currently just a brand that churns out motorcycle t-shirts and merchandise. But what will Mahindra do with the BSA brand? Will it be restored to …

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