Macklemore on his Moosercycle

Bike fan Macklemore raps for SSM

Motorcycle and car fan Macklemore (Ben Taggerty) will perform a same-sex song at the NRL finals on Sunday night, prompting a chorus of opposition from the “No” campaigners. Former prime minister Tony Abbott Tweeted his concerns about the rapper bringing politics to the event by promising to perform his hit song Same Love, which is about …

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Hip hop

Motorcycles feature in hip hop hit

A chariot being pulled by four Royal Enfields a cruiser with a moose head and a brace of scooters to rival Quadrophenia feature in the latest single from Seattle hip hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The song is called Downtown and it’s not bad, either! (And that’s saying something ’cause we’re not hip hop fans!) It …

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