Lions Rd Lions TT bridge roadworks police motorcycles reopened

Lions Rd reopened, but no more Lions TT?

The famous Lions Rd on the Queensland-NSW border has reopened after 18 months of bridgeworks, but it will never be suitable for a Lions TT, say Kyogle Council representatives. The official launch of the bridgework was held this week and the road is again suitable for all types of motorcycles. One small patch of gravel …

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Lions Rd - Sturgis closures

Lions TT hillclimb plan for 2017

Although the Lions TT Motorcycle Festival has been axed for 2016, the four board members are keen to return in 2017 possibly with a short hillclimb ride. Board member Edward Profke confirms that their focus is to continue with an event based around the famed Lions Rd over the Queensland-NSW border and in nearby Kyogle. …

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Lions Rd - Sturgis

Lions TT Motorcycle Festival cancelled

The Lions TT Motorcycle Festival in northern NSW has been called off for 2016, just one day after the Sunshine Coast International TT was also axed. The two events are not related, except they both tried to cash in on the Isle of Man TT. An email was despatched this afternoon to founding members of the …

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Lions Rd - Sturgis

Lions TT drag race event cancelled

For the second year in a row, the Lions TT Motorcycle Festival in northern NSW (September 18-20) has hit a last-minute hitch with the cancellations of events. The side-by-side drag event at Casino proposed for Saturday, September 19, 2015, has been cancelled. This follows the 11th-hour cancellation of the Queensland section of the Lions Rd …

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Dakar Rally racer Christophe Barriere Vaju

Ride with a Dakar Rally racer at Lions TT

The 2015 Lions TT Motorcycle Festival in northern NSW has been revamped and will include adventure rides escorted by four-time Dakar Rally racer Christophe Barriere-Varju. READ ABOUT THE 2015 EVENT Christophe was a junior champion motocross rider in Africa before emigrating to Australia and competing in the Dakar Rally from 2006 to 2010. In 2006 he …

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Lions TT traffic

Lions TT Festival revamped for 2015

The Lions TT Motorcycle Festival is back for 2015 “bigger and better”, although the closed-road ride over the fabled Lions Rd on the Queensland-NSW border has been scratched from the schedule. Instead, the festival will add a side-by-side drag event on the Casino air strip, a hillclimb competition in the nearby Border Ranges, guided and self-guided …

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Lions TT: 2015 Lions TT will attract adventure riders Lions Rd closed for six months

Modified Lions TT returns in 2015

The Lions TT, Kyogle Motorcycle Festival and Casino Motorcycle Drags will return in 2015, but with some modifications that will make it “twice as good”. A Kyogle Council debrief meeting last week with all stakeholders commended the event, which contributed a conservatively estimated $180,000 to the region, and welcomed its return. The inaugural Lions TT …

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Lions TT

Lions TT may return in 2015

(Extra reporting and photos by Paul Joshua) The Lions TT will be back again next year, according to the organisers. The organisers are proclaiming the event and the corresponding Kyogle Motorcycle Festival and Casino Sprints a success. Despite three reported crashes on the Lions Rd on the Queensland/NSW border, one of which stopped the recreational …

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Watch Lions TT

Latecomers welcome to Lions TT

The inaugural Lions TT recreational ride on the Lions Rd is being held this weekend and despite some changes to the format, latecomers are welcome, while all riders should be aware of a few warnings. First to the welcomes: Last weekend, the Lions TT organisers notified that the Queensland side of the recreational ride on …

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Lions TT Lions Rd - Sturgis

Police quash Queensland side of Lions TT

Queensland police have rejected a road closure application for next weekend’s Lions TT. However, the event will go ahead with the road closed to oncoming traffic only on the NSW side. The Lions TT is a recreational ride – not a race – conducted on the picturesque Lions Rd that crosses the Queensland and New …

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