Kids children Don’t ever sit on another rider’s bike Jump Start beginner child age

Should motorcycle rider age be lowered?

While some states want potential riders to first obtain a car licence before getting a bike licence, Germany has lowered its riding age from 16 to 15. Riding age varies throughout the world with Kosovo allowing riders and drivers on the road from the age of 12! Lower licence age? While that might seem extreme, …

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Sons of Anarchy time limit

Call for time limit on rider licences

Motorcycle licences should have a time limit to reduce the risk of matured-aged returned riders crashing, a road safety summit has heard. A Victorian Road Trauma Summit was convened last week after a shocking start to the year with 26 motorcyclist deaths, nine above the five-year average of 17 and 10 more than last year. Many more have been …

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SA considers increasing rider ages rejected

Driver licence before riding plan rejected

Public support for learner riders to first have L-plate car driving experience for one year has been rejected by South Australian riding group Ride to Review. The plan is part of a licensing review which also recommends lifting the ages for learner riders from 16 to 18 and full-licensed riders from 20 to 21.5. Tim …

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SA considers increasing rider ages

Review suggests increasing rider ages

A review of the South Australian Graduated Licensing System has suggested lifting the ages for learner riders from 16 to 18 and full-licensed riders from 20 to 21.5. Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) motorcycle spokesman Rhys Griffiths says tougher licensing laws across the nation have put the motorcycle industry under “more pressure than we’ve …

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Western Australia WA government lane filtering consultation paper and online survey licensing

Survey on lane filtering and graduated licensing

Western Australia could soon become the final state to introduce lane filtering as well as move to a graduated motorcycle licensing system. But rather than introducing both schemes to come into line with other states, the WA Government has issued a Motorcycle Safety consultation paper and incited “all road users” to complete an online survey on the …

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moped submission mopeds

Should moped riders have a motorcycle licence?

Some governments around the world allow unlicensed teenagers and motorists with a full car licence to ride a 50cc moped. However, there are also riders and authorities that believe moped riders should have a motorcycle licence or that mopeds should be off the road altogether.  (Laws vary throughout the world, but a moped is usually …

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Rode to Review Tim Kelly learn licence licensing plans incorrect

Axe plans for hi-vis and older learners, says RTR

Plans to mandate hi-vis clothing for learners and raise the motorcycle learner permit age to 18 have been slammed by a South Australian rider representative group. Ride to Review spokesman Tim Kelly (pictured above) says the group has prepared a lengthy submission to the government over new licensing proposals, some of which they agree with …

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Learn learner novice Ride to Review submission

Ride to Review licensing submission

This is the full text of the Ride to Review submission to proposed South Australia Centre for Automotive Safety Research changes in the motorcycle graduated licensing system (GLS). It was compiled by the group’s management committee with input from more than 2100 members and supporters, and research from Road Safety, Education and Psychological experts from …

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Kids children Don’t ever sit on another rider’s bike Jump Start beginner child age

Young riders face age limit and hi-vis

Young riders face more restrictions as a new paper suggests raising the motorcycle licence age to 18 as well as high-vis clothing and a night curfew for novices. The South Australian Government is considering the proposals from the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CASR) which is based on a 2014 Austroads paper. …

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jake Dolan racer and learner rider at AMA training motorcycle insurance rewards

Call for lifetime rider training rewards

Riders should be encouraged to seek more rider training and gain rewards for improved skills, according to a position paper released by the Motorcycle Council of NSW. One of their suggestions is a marketing campaign to returned riders to seek more training. Steve says mature-aged returning riders with “dormant licences” are over-represented in the crash statistics. …

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