Incorrect fine Tim Byrne justice

Police drop fine for standing on pegs

South Australian police have dropped a rider’s fine for standing on the footpegs after another review of the case.  Adelaide rider Tim Byrne (pictured above with the infringement notice) says he was fined for standing up while riding through some roadworks in January 2018 despite the practice being legalised in South Australia in 2016 and …

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gopro fine helmet camera cam freely incriminate

Motorcycle helmet laws ‘not freely available’

Riders are confused about the legality of helmets with Bluetooth and camera attachments because the rules are not freely available and too technical. In its submission to the National Transport Commission (NTC) on uniform national road rules, motorcycle specialist legal firm Maurice Blackburn Lawyers argues that riders cannot hope to know the rules because they are difficult …

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police - Traffic offences demerit

Tips for when police pull you over

If you are pulled over by the police for a traffic offence or even just a licence check or breath/drug test, the best advice is to be nice. MotorbikeWriter has been informed of several cases recently where fines have been issued – sometimes for bogus reasons – just because the motorist challenged police authority or …

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