Arlen Ness - one cool dude

Arlen Ness jackets are safe, not tacky

You want to be seen, but you’d rather die than be seen in a fluoro hi-vis jacket, right? Now Arlen Ness has the answer in one of their new leather jackets. The classic M-Boss cruiser jacket is a swank-looking garment that has reflective stripes discretely hidden under the perforated leather. That means you can’t see …

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Harley-Davidson Innovator Waterproof Functional Jacket with Triple Vent System

Harley tests triple vent jacket in wind tunnel

Harley-Davidson’s Triple Vent System (TVS) jackets must be the first piece of motorcycle apparel developed in a wind tunnel. Last year the company unveiled its Project Rushmore range of Touring bikes which were tested in the wind tunnel for aerodynamics and to divert hot air from the rider and cool air on to the rider. …

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