Motorcycle Historical first

What should you buy as your first bike?

Selecting your first bike is important as a good experience will lead to a lifetime of joy, while a bad experience may end your two-wheel career. I’m often asked by young people what bike they should buy first up. Thankfully, there is a wide choice now with the Learner-Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS). However, the options …

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Austroads Motorcycle hazard perception tests added

Motorcycle hazard perception tests added

Austroads is producing a claimed world-first library of motorcycle hazard perception test (HPT) videos and supporting road safety material to help train novice riders. The project is expected to modernise the HPT videos used in most states and introduce them in Tasmania and the territories. It is believed the computer-based motorcycle-specific tests will improve learner training and graduated licensing systems. …

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Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey goes for a ride with RACQ spokesman Steve Spalding - learner riders

Learner riders face tougher licence testing

Learner riders could face tougher testing procedures under proposals in a discussion paper which would bring Queensland into line with graduated licensing schemes in other states. If implemented, Queensland would then actually have the toughest tests for a learner rider as it is the only state that requires potential riders to hold a car licence …

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Learner rider - Calum demonstrates slow riding techniques safety contract business learn

Learner riders face tougher restrictions

Learner riders may have to do more off-road training, face a longer learner licence period and pass tougher skills tests to move to unrestricted licences. These measures are part of a Queensland Government scheme to improve motorcycle safety. The announcement was accompanied by an $8 million pledge to upgrade known motorcycle black spots, starting with more than …

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Ducati Monster 659 motorcycle sales imports

Ducati launches beginner training

Tapping into the growing number of newcomers, women and returned riders, Ducati Australia has launched free “beginner” training events, called Ducati 101. It takes new and returned riders through the basics of motorcycling, from picking up a bike to general motorcycle riding tips, servicing and maintenance. It sounds a little like Harley’s popular Garage Parties …

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Moto Guzzi California cruisers dragging

2013 in review: learners, cruisers, cheap bikes

The motorcycle world has changed in 2013 … For the better! Sports bikes are no longer the big sellers they used to be. Riders are now opting for cruisers, naked bikes and adventure machines. The industry has responded with some of the best cruisers in many years – Indian Chief, Moto Guzzi California, Yamaha Bolt …

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