Should a college student get a motorcycle

(Contributed article for North American college students) Are you a student who wants to have his own vehicle? Should it be a motorcycle, or it’s better not to risk and go on foot? Learn if a student should get a motorcycle. A lot of students think of buying their own vehicles, but a good car …

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Aprilia RS 660 lightweight

Will Aprilia RS 660 suit learners?

Aprilia plan to introduce a lower-powered version of its upcoming RS 660 lightweight sports bike so it can be ridden by learners and novices under the European A2 motorcycle licence. The announcement came in a quirky Instagram post that says “A2 driving license? Aprilia RS 660 95hp version confirmed! Keep updated!” The A2 licence is …

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CFMoto 650GT

CFMoto 650GT ‘worth the extra dollars’

Motorcycle industry stalwart Dale Schmidtchen has been reviewing the CFMoto 650MT for some time now, but recently switched to the road touring 650GT version. While the CFMoto 650 MT ABS costs $7490 ride away, the 650GT is an extra $1000. Both are learner-approved, but would also suit mature riders. Dale says the GT is a “great bike” with …

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Hi-vis Vest Victorian Motorcycle Council demerit

Learners cop demerit over hi-vis vests

Learner riders in Victoria will cop one demerit point for not wearing a hi-vis vest from 29 October 2019 under new road rules. The Victorian Motorcycle Council had called to remove mandatory hi-vis vests for learner riders in its 10-page submission to the review of Victorian Road Safety (Driver) Regulations. However, it has been ignored. …

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high visibility motorcycle clothing panic remove

Call to remove mandatory learner hi-vis

The Victorian Motorcycle Council has called to remove mandatory hi-vis vests for learner riders in its 10-page submission to the review of Victorian Road Safety (Driver) Regulations. Among many changes to the road rules, the road regs review proposes one demerit point for learner riders who do not wear a “securely fastened” hi-vis vest and …

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Hi-vis vest age submission panic

Panic over hi-vis vest proposal

An incorrect News Ltd media report that Victoria proposes introducing hi-vis for all riders has caused some level of social media panic in the riding community. Riders have been sharing the inaccurate reports which were lifted from the “Road Safety Regulations 2019 summary paper for consultation”. So, for a start, it’s only a proposal at …

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SA considers increasing rider ages

Review suggests increasing rider ages

A review of the South Australian Graduated Licensing System has suggested lifting the ages for learner riders from 16 to 18 and full-licensed riders from 20 to 21.5. Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) motorcycle spokesman Rhys Griffiths says tougher licensing laws across the nation have put the motorcycle industry under “more pressure than we’ve …

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Target fixation survival

Road Safety Survival Tips for Bikers

(Contributed post for our American readers) Riding a motorcycle on your way to work, school or wherever is a good way to beat the heavy traffic and enjoy the glory of summer air. Because the vehicle is a lot smaller than others, it can be manoeuvred between cars or trucks while staying safe. This allows …

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