Midual Type 1

Midual motorcycle among most expensive

A new French company, Midual, has reinvented the boxer twin and produced the Type 1 motorcycle which is one of the most expensive in the world at almost $200,000.  SEE ALL THE PHOTOS HERE The only new motorcycles costing more are the one-off gold-plated, diamond-encrusted “Goldfinger” Lauge Jensen which sold for $850,0000 and the titanium-laden …

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Lauge Jensen Viking Concept motorcycle

Viking concept motorcycle is clean cut

Danish motorcycle company Lauge Jensen conscripted a famed BMW and Aston Martin car designer to help develop its Viking Concept motorcycle unveiled at the Top Marques luxury brands show in Monaco. CHECK OUT THE GALLERY OF IMAGES Like all 2014 Lauge Jensen bikes, it features the Wisconsin-made S&S “1-Eleven Squarehead” engine and is the world’s …

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Danes first with Euro 4 motorcycle

Danish cruiser company Lauge Jensen has the auspicious honour of being the first motorbike manufacturer in the world to pass the stringent EURO4 emissions regulations starting in 2016. These forthcoming mandatory rules for all manufacturers are almost 50% more difficult to pass than the current EURO3 standard. Lauge Jensen hand-built cruisers are powered by S&S …

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