Lane filter Incident events

Lane filter wars set to continue

Forty months after NSW allowed riders to lane filter and the laws have since spread throughout the country, drivers are still trying to obstruct riders and police don’t seem to care. This video from Newcastle rider Harry Criticos shows the lengths to which some motorists will go to stop riders doing what is legal. “I …

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Edge lane filtering road rules kerb

Call for kerb filtering, lower fines

Motorcycle riders should be able to filtering between traffic and the kerb like cyclists, lane filtering fines should be lowered and demerit points scrapped, says a Victorian rider group. In its submission to the National Transport Commission over harmonising Australia’s Road Rules, the Independent Riders Group says the Victorian lane filtering laws “make most sense …

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Lane filtering minister autonomous change

Call for lane filtering rule change

A simple lane filtering rule change could save the lives of riders who filter to the front of traffic at the lights and then take off immediately on the green. That’s what most lane-filtering riders do. However, they run the risk of being hit by vehicles from the side running a red light. We tried to …

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Leave a gap lane filtering rules signs tasmania lowest rules vary

Riders urged to challenge filtering fines

Riders have been urged to challenge lane filtering fines in court to press the point that they are confusing and varied across state borders. Rider advocates Wayne Carruthers and Guy Stanford say that riders are confused about the rules and being fined heavily for minor transgressions of the lane filtering rules. The fines are more …

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Look for bikes signs - Oxley Highway may set safety standard turnouts

Motorcycle road signs we’d like to see

“Signs, signs, everywhere are signs, blocking up the scenery, breaking my mind, do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the signs,” sang Five Man Electric Band in 1971. More than 45 years later, there are still signs blocking the scenery and breaking our minds. Let’s just hope they don’t break our bikes, too! I went for …

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Lane filtering: Watch for driver doors

The video below shows the danger to lane filtering riders of a driver who gets out of their vehicle while stopped at traffic lights. It’s illegal for a driver to leave their vehicle while stopped at traffic lights or on a roadway, unless parked at the roadside. It is also illegal to “create a hazard” by opening …

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Queensland Motorcycle Breakdown Service tyre punctures puncture-proof tyres

Warning on tyre punctures from filtering

Have you copped tyre punctures while filtering through traffic? You’re not alone, according to Queensland Motorcycle Breakdown Service. They have had a spike (‘scuse then pun) in tyre punctures since the lane filtering rule was introduced last year, including nine in one week and 24 last month. Director Peter Roussos says it comes mainly from …

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RTR SA lane filtering traffic extends

More riders push for uniform lane filtering laws

South Australian riders and representative groups want to join most of the rest of Australia, California, Asia and Europe in legalising lane filtering for motorcycles and scooters. The group, called Ride to Review (RTR), has drafted a Lane Filtering Submission which is now being made public. RTR Spokesman Tim Kelly says the submission was personally handed …

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Lane filtering lane splitting

Is Californian lane splitting safe?

California is the first US state to allow lane splitting, with riders possibly allowed to split lanes at up to 50mph (80km/h) but no faster than 15mph (24km/h) more than surrounding traffic. Over the past two years, the three eastern states of Australia have introduced lane filtering between stationary or slow-moving traffic and the ACT is running …

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