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Inactive riders urged to ride again!

Inactive motorcyclists who haven’t ridden for some time are being urged to ride again, especially for commuting, as the pandemic travel restrictions begin to ease across the country. This comes as the national cycling lobby is calling for $300 million to be spent on bike lanes. Inactive riders Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries motorcycle manager Rhys …

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Commuting during coronavirus pandemic

Commuting to work is one legitimate way to ride and avoid the pandemic lockdown and travel bans, yet some riders are either scared for their safety or find it inconvenient. Motorcycle commuting is not only fun and challenging, but also handy for parking, faster than cars because of lane filtering and more convenient than public …

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Commute traffic lane filtering speed wet NSW sydney police commuting slow speeding speed limit

Slow road to motorcycle rider rule harmony

NSW and Western Australia remain the only two states to not yet implement new Australian Road Rules that would provide harmony across states on rider rules. The rules, published in March 2018 by the Australasian Parliamentary Council’s Committee, involved the legality of helmet cameras, tinted visors, standing on the footpegs and other rules affecting riders. The Australian …

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New Year resolutions

10 New Year resolutions we’d like to see

Each New Year we make resolutions to do something new, better or at least different for the next year. This year we thought we would do something different for the new decade and compile a wish list of 10 New Year resolutions we would like others to make. We know most of these are just …

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Commuting traffic lane filtering speed wet NSW sydney police commuting

World’s best and worst commuting traffic

Aussie commuting traffic is fastest and safest in Perth and the worst in Sydney, according to a new statistical analysis of 100 major cities in the world. The 2019 Driving Cities Index, commissioned by European car parts retailer Mister Auto, considers commuting traffic speeds, road condition, congestion, road rage, fatality rates, air pollution and costs such as …

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Does Lane Splitting Make Motorcyclists Safer?

(Sponsored post on lane splitting for our North American readers) Lane-splitting is the act of riding a motorcycle between the lanes of traffic on a freeway or city road. It’s a controversial topic in motorcycle safety, with a variety of opinions and different laws on whether it benefits motorcyclists or puts them in more danger. …

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Toby Price creates history as the first Australian to win the Dakar rally work week

Third Ride your Motorcycle to Work Week

The third annual Australian Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Week is on from 7-11 October 2019 and once again double Dakar Rally winner Toby Price is the event ambassador. According to the official Ride to Work Week press release, Toby says: When you ride, you’re living a little more! No one should go through life without …

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Lane filtering t-bones crash

Rider t-bones another lane-filtering rider

A rider crossing a lane to filter between traffic t-bones another lane-filtering rider in this video released by the Queensland Department of Transport. The Department posted the video on Facebook with this message: You’re only allowed to lane filter in Queensland if you hold an open licence for the motorcycle you’re riding, your speed when …

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menace ACT police are seeking to charge this driver with road rage on legally filtering riders mencaing appeal rejected

Rider-rage driver appeal rejected

An appeal against a “light penalty” for a Canberra driver who twice swerved dangerously at legally lane-filtering motorcyclists has been rejected. The driver, Jake Searle, 28, had been charged with two counts of driving with intent to menace. He faced maximum penalties of more than $3000 in fines or 12 months in jail or both for each …

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Lane filter past our commuting nightmare

It’s time the motorcycle industry advertised the benefits of riding to work by motorcycle as commuting times have increased about a quarter across Australia in the past couple of decades. The latest annual Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey shows Sydney commuters are the worst hit, while Brisbane’s commuting times have increase …

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