Kymco agility scooters

KYMCO add two Agility scooters

KYMCO Australia have released two new Agility models as scooters take another dive in the Australian market.  The new models are the Agility City 125i 16+ at $3290 (plus on-road costs) and includes a top case, plus the Agility 300i at $6490. Both models feature the larger 16-inch front wheel to avoid being bumped out …

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Kawasaki electric Ninja patent battery swap

Kawasaki proposes battery swap

Kawasaki appears to be joining Kymco in proposing a battery that can the owner can swap quickly to recharge their electric motorcycle. The company filed a patent for an electric version of its baby Ninja in 2013, but the patent has only now been published. In the main photo above, the battery and motor are shown …

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charging electric bike electric vehicle

Solutions to electric vehicle charging

One of the biggest hurdles in the coming revolution of the electric vehicle is finding enough charging stations so motorists can ride and drive beyond the city limits. Taiwanese motorcycle and scooter manufacturer has a unique idea for private charging stations that can be owned by individuals. It could be a good way to earn …

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Kymco SuperNEX electric motorcycle allows you to dial in your own sound

Dial in your own electric motorcycle sound

Kymco may have the answer to one of the biggest problems with electric motorcycles by allowing riders to dial in their own motorcycle sound! The Taiwanese scoter company is branching out with their SuperNEX electric sports bike concept unveiled last week in Milan. They have produced this video which is actually quite useless as it …

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Kymco teases loud electric superbike

Taiwanese scooter company Kymco looks set to move into the superbike category with a loud electric model if this teaser video is any guide. It was filmed at the French round of World Superbikes at Magny-Cours. The video simply asks spectators “What’s speed?”, “What’s energy?”, “What’s the motorbike of the future?” and “What’s the sound of …

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Kymco proposes battery swap scheme for Ionex electric scooter hybrid smart desert electric vehicle

Kymco proposes battery swap scheme

Battery swap vending machines could be the key to the introduction of electric vehicles with long charging times, according to Taiwanese scooter manufacturer Kymco. The idea is not new. British company Battery Traction Ltd came up with the idea in 1938, but it was sidelined by World War II. Better Place also suggested the idea …

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Kymco AK550 Dash distracted

Kymco scooter has ‘smart’ dashboard

Facebook updates, weather reports, news and even a radar that tracks your riding mates are part of the futuristic smart instrument panel on the new Kymco AK550 maxi scooter. But what, thee’s more on the “Noodoe” dashboard. It also greets you with your favourite photo, tracks missed calls and messages, directs you to the nearest …

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Kymco Agility Carry delivery scooter

Kymco scooter taps growing delivery sector

The growth of trendy delivery companies such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats has prompted the introduction of the Kymco Agility Carry to the Australian market. Importer Mojo Motorcycles says the $3390 (ride away) purpose-built delivery scooter will transform the way we deliver. It could also be a great commuter solution for people who need to take …

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Kymco enters the maxi scooter sector

Taiwan scooter manufacturer is celebrating its 50th anniversary by launching into the maxi-scooter sector with its AK 550 Anniversario Kymco. There is no word yet on whether the flagship maxi scooter will be available in Australia where they sell 125cc and 200cc scooters. The “K50 Concept” was unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo Moto Show and …

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Riders protected by motorcycle industry code

Riders will be better protected from today under a voluntary code of dealer best practices to be released by the motorcycle industry representative body. It means dealers are less likely to sell you an illegally modified or incorrectly registered bike and that they will provide suitable warnings about any applicable licensing restrictions. The voluntary Motorcycle …

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